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Choti Sarrdaarni fame Anita Raaj is considered to be one of the fittest actresses in the industry. Anita who made her debut in the 80s was introduced to weight training at the age of 25.  The actress is now 58 and believes that age is just a number. Talking about her fitness routine in an interview with BT, she says, “I do cardio three days a week and the other days it’s a combination of weight training, strength training, and HIIT. Every single day I look forward to better myself.” She further adds, “When I started weight training almost two decades back I thought that it is for men and not for women. But I’m glad I was proved wrong. Women must lift weight as it won’t make them look manly but will help them to stay fit, agile and strengthen muscles as they grow older. Even if you are over 35 and wish to start now, please do proper research and under proper guidance. Begin with light weights.”

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Talking about the time she gained weight she shares, “For me, when it comes to fitness it is all about mind over body. It all boils down to how you feel and deal with the situations life throws at you. During my first pregnancy, I went gung-ho with my diet and would binge eat everything which isn’t the right way to go. I was the heaviest then and sometimes post-pregnancy I again started taking care of my body and since then haven’t looked back. While I don’t follow any diet I’m extremely particular about the food I eat and the timings when I have it. Of course, when shooting the timings go for a toss but then it is manageable.”

When asked about her future plans with her role ending in Choti Sarrdaarni, she quickly says, “I’m wishing to get a fabulous project and a meaty role. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the character of a strong and powerful woman in my last show and I wish to do something on similar lines in future.”

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