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The Episode starts with Rajvi getting shocked seeing Nandini. Some time back, Rajvi, Naveen and Vanlata coming in time. Naveen recalls asking Rajvi if Bansuri will agree. They all cover up and say she is our Nandini. Vanlata recalls Naveen asking her to lie. Charmy acts. Naveen says we don’t need to call the doctor, she refused to know me last time when she got an attack. Rajvi asks Nandini to come. Charmy says no, I want to stay with her for some time. Darsh says Nandini should be here. They all leave. Naveen scolds Gunjan. Nandini thanks Mahesh for keeping Vini with him. He says don’t worry, we are going for shopping. Nandini takes a disguise and comes to meet Bansuri.

She says I have come to meet you. Bansuri says Darsh and that girl… Nandini says I don’t want to talk about them, you will be fine, I will sing a song for you. Vini sees the sweets competition pamphlet and says none could defeat my mum in this. Nandini thinks I have to go out, else anyone can see me, take care. She thinks Darsh was with some girl. Darsh and Charmy are outside. She sees Darsh with Charmy and thinks who is that girl. Rajvi thanks Naveen for being a part of her lie. She says I m helpless. Naveen says we can do this to save Darsh from the shock, he is part of the family. Gunjan says sorry, I didn’t know that Bansuri didn’t know, else I would have not told him about her state. Rajvi says its okay, I will see Bansuri once before leaving. Vanlata says mum is lying here for her son, and Darsh is fooling two women here.

Rajvi enters the room. She gets shocked seeing Nandini. She shouts Nandini. Its Nandini’s imagination. Nandini says no, I have to leave before this happens. She goes. Darsh asks Charmy to stay with Bansuri. Rajvi says I should have told Bansuri about Nandini, I will come and talk to her once she gets fine. Gunjan asks Vanlata to make Charmy leave before Shobit comes. Vanlata laughs on her foolishness. Gunjan says fine, you taunt me, I will do something now. Darsh talks on call. Gunjan comes and says you and Nandini rest in Shobit and my room, Shobit had fixed the damaged bed, he worries for me a lot, we have no AC, but we have much cool air because of the four fans fixed by Shobit. Darsh asks Charmy to stay back. He leaves.

He asks his manager to buy some good furniture and send at Naveen’s house. He says he shouldn’t know that I have sent it. Vini calls Darsh from Mahesh’s phone. She gives a long grocery list. She says you asked me to call for any emergency. She asks him to repeat whatever she said. She irritates him more. He repeats the list. Gunjan taunts Charmy. She makes Charmy jealous saying Shobit loves me a lot. She says you are a doctor, give some capsule for his strength, I mean he gets tired working all day, that’s why. She saves her number in Charmy’s phone. Charmy mentions multivitamins tablets and goes. Gunjan and Vanlata laugh.

Vini thanks Mahesh and gives the phone. She says if Nandini wins the sweet making competition, then we will give money to the moneylenders. Nandini comes and hugs her. Charmy asks Naveen to take care of Bansuri. He asks her not to worry. Vini asks Nandini where did you go. Nandini says my friend was unwell, I went to meet her. Vini nods. Nandini thinks I can’t find out if Bansuri got fine or not. She gets hurt. Vini cares for her. Nandini thinks Darsh has given me wounds, he can never heal it, I won’t let him come close to me. Shobit comes home and sees Charmy. Gunjan looks on. Charmy leaves. Shobit says I got some sweets, why did Charmy come. Vini gets the first aid box. Nandini applies the ointment to her wound. Vini calls Darsh from Nandini’s phone. Charmy says why is Ishani calling him. She answers. Vini asks for doctor’s number, her mum’s foot is bleeding. Charmy thinks I can’t tell her that I m that doctor, she may tell that to Darsh.

Nandini scolds Darsh. Darsh doesn’t mind her words. She gets sad.

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