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Anu ignores Kavya and Vanraj and even Pakhi. She greets Baa and Bapuji when they walk into living room. Samar joins Anu next. During breakfast, Mamaji tells Baa that he is going to open cafe and she should bring his breakfast there. Baa asks what will he do there. Mamaji says he will arrange and clean the tables. Bapuji says if he will remember his task. Mamaji says he wrote it down in his diary. Samar asks if he took keys. Mamaji shows them and describes his usual I know mainu remember che dialogue. Baa says for the first time Bhailu is feeling is not worthless and asks Toshu when will Kinju baby come. He says she wanted to come last night, but he asked her to stay in her mom’s house for a few days as she can at least live in peace there. Anu comments that Rakhi will teach her the plus points of living in a pent house. Samar walks away fuming without having breakfast. Baa says she needs to teach a dish to chef and hence she will accompany Anu. Anu says she will not go to cafe. Vanraj asks if she is still angry regarding yesterday’s event, she should end the issue and stop making them feel guilty. Anu says everything is not regarding him, she is not going to cafe as she has housewife class and anyways there are many others to take care of his cafe and she will concentrate on her dance academy. Vanraj says cafe idea was hers and she gave the space for it, she should forget yesterday’s event and not stretch it. Baa backs him. Bapuji asks should she forget to repeat the drama again, we are all there to take care of Vanraj, and asks Samar to handle the academy with Nandini. Kavya asks Vanraj not to worry as its just a cafe and world will not stop if someone leaves, hence they together will manage. He nods yes. Anu gets Mamaji’s call and informs that a lot of customers have visited cafe and he wants them all to reach cafe soon. Kavya tells Vanraj that she knew it and already told that that his cafe will have a lots of customers soon. Anu, Baa, and Bapuji look at her face. Mamaji calls Vanraj and asks him to bring Anu to cafe soon, chef informs that their old customer brought her friends along and wants to have only Anu’s prepared keto burger. Vanraj gets tensed. Kavya walks in and tells V she is ready for cafe. Pakhi asks her about her dance practice, and she says she should come directly to cafe after school for dance practice. Pakhi starts feeling ignored.

Anu relaxes in garden and thinks she should concentrate on her work and not bother about anything else. She images happier days where whole family is happy, Mere Ghar Aana Zindagi.. song plays in the background. She thinks some dreams will be dreams always and thinks she should get up and concentrate on her work. At cafe, client insists Vanraj to call Anu as Anu’s touch is missing in keto burger. Kavya fumes that she prepares such a tasty food, but client doesn’t like it; don’t know what Anu mixes in food. Client insists Vanraj to call Anu soon. Mamaji asks what will they do now. Kavya asks to send away the customers as they will get more. Vanraj says he cannot send away regular customers. Kavya yells that he is telling as if he and Anu did all the hard work and she didn’t. He says he didn’t mean that, its a team work. Bapuji asks them to stop fighting as children are learning their habits, remembering Toshu and Samar’s fight, and asks to concentrate on the customer. Vanraj thinks if he lets go regular customer, he will lose other customers also. Nandini watching Vanraj’s situation tells Samar that one shouldn’t take others for granted as they will have to suffer for their deeds in the same life. He says she is right, sometimes karma is more instant than instant coffee.

Anu walks towards dance academy speaking to her mother over phone. Client tells Vanraj that she is requesting him since long and he is ignoring her and then will say her generation is arrogant, she will be insulted if her friends don’t like the food, she praised his cafe food a lot and brought her friends here. Vanraj apologizes her and says same burger is not possible here and she should have informed in advance. She says he is showing more attitude/nakras than five star hotel. Kavya says its a genuine problem and they will give her 20% discount on other dishes. Client warns her to mind her own business, its a question of impression now. Her friend says let it be, lets go. Client says she is insulted because of them, hence she will make their cafe’s negative publicity. Vanraj requests to wait for 10 minutes more. Client tries to leave. Baa enters with burger chanting ullu banaya bada maza aaya/pranked them. Client says they are good actors, especially Kavya aunty. Kavya says she is not aunty. Mamaji jokes if client is addressing her as aunty, she really is. Vanraj thanks Anu for sending burger. Kavya yells if Anu had to prepare burger, then why did she act at house. Vanraj asks her to keep quiet. Client tastes burger, likes it, and suggests Baa to kick out arrogant staff like Kavya. Kavya gets angry hearing that. Vanraj asks Baa where is Anu. Baa remembers Anu teaching her making keto burger giving her logic and says she tried making burger 5 times to get the same taste. Kavya gets more jealous and thinks Anu became a heroine even without her presence. Bapuji tells Vanraj that his daughter didn’t leave her goodness even after her insult; asks Kavya if she is laughing on Anu as being good is considered as stupid and treated as doormat; they all must have seen that Anu can become Devi and not doormat; for the god sake, they shouldn’t force her to become evil; there are heroes and heroines in real life and they shouldn’t try to prove them wrong, etc.

Samar offers juice to Anu and thanks her for proving him wrong as he was thinking she is doing wrong by helping Mr Shah, but he realized she is right; he may not like Mr Shah but will help him whenever needed as he is his mummy’s son. Anu says its not that easy. Samar says even trekking is not easy, but people reach hill top with their hard work. Anu says they should become better than they are. He says lets do it rockstar. After sometime, Anu informs Baa that she will go home as her dance class is over. Vanraj offers her tea. She says its okay. Kavya comments she should have even cookies to less her favors on them. Anu says even stopped clock shows the right time twice in a day, but Kavya cannot speak right even once. Rakhi enters blabbering time out. Vanraj asks if she is not done with the drama at home that she came to cafe. She asks if its about him or Anu or Kavya and him. Anu tries to leave. Rakhi stops her and thinks Kinjal is not agreeing to move out of family and hence she should break the family to get her out of this gutter, she will make them fight so much that Toshu will drag Kinjal out of them. She praises seeing cafe full of customers. Kavya says she and V worked so hard that cafe rocked in 2 days. Anu tries to leave again. Kavya stops her and rudely orders customers to leave. Vanraj asks what the she is doing. Kavya says his new customers are not because of him and his new wife, but beause of her.

Precap: Kavya comments that she will not let her samdhi and samdhan come on road. Vanraj returns his profit to her saying he can bear losses, but not favor from his samdhan. Rakhi comments he can take help from his ex-wife but not current samdhan. Kavya takes back money saying its a cafe and not charity house. Rakhi thinks cafe will break down along with relationships.

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