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Rakhi tells Vanraj that except his old customer, all his customers were sent by him and if she had not sent them, he had customers numbering Kavya’s relatives during his and Kavya’s wedding. Kavya says her relatives didn’t attend her wedding. Rakhi says exactly zero, asks Shahs not to stare at her as she was trying to help them and offers cash payment saying she will not let her samdhi and samdhan on road. She hopes someone will react. Vanraj returns her money and asks to get her brain treated to know that every person standing on road is not poor. She says attitude and poverty don’t walk together. He replies even Radhi and shame doesn’t walk together. Baa fumes that earlier she used to shamelessly visit their house and now cafe. Kavya says its okay, they should accept money. Vanraj says he cannot accept Rakhi’s money. Kavya asks Anu to explain him as he only listens to her. Vanraj warns her to mind her tongue as he can bear losses but not Rakhi’s money. Rakhi says he can take ex-wife’s help but not current samdhan’s money. He says just shut up. Kavya says when he can take Anu’s help, why can’t he take Rakhi’s money. Rakhi says she will distribute money among beggars then. Kavya says they incurred expenses in feeding her people and takes money from her. Rakhi walks a but and stops. Shah family disperses. Rakhi thinks her first target would be shutting this cafe, Shah family’s frustration will increase if it is increased and then Kinjal can be out of that hell into paradise. She will then shut Anu’s dance academy and destroy them alll.

Back home, Kinjal apologizes Vanraj for Rakhi’s drama. Vanraj says she shouldn’t apologize as its not her mistake. Kinjal says like parents apologize for children’s mistakes, she is apologizing her mom’s mistake. He says she need interfere in elders’ issues. Kinjal sees hair oil and offers him head massage. He says she is also tired returning from office. She says its okay. He says thanks beta. Baa with Anu notices that and says she took years to accept bahu as beti, Vanraj is faster than her. Anu says she is lucky to have such a good bahus. Baa says she will miss Toshu and Kinjal if they leave the house. Anu says it is better to be close by staying away than staying together with bitter hearts.

After sometime, Nandini worriedly rushes to Shah house and informs them that she has a news which doesn’t know if its true. Samar asks what happened. She informs them about food critic Mansi Jain who visits a new cafe according to their online request, hence she had uploaded a request online and Mansi is visiting their cafe today. Youngsters rejoice. Baa asks what critic means. Vanraj and Samar explain in detail. She says if critic eats food for free and then gives negative rating, then its better not to invite her. Vanraj says just like she cannot stop cooking fearing fire, he cannot stop critics from reviewing his cafe. Kavya says if Mansi gives negative review, they have to shut the cafe. Kinjal asks if she is sure its Mansi Jain. Nandini shows photo. Samar says Mansi likes traditional food. Baa says they prepare traditional food itself. Vanraj jopes there shouldn’t be any problem.

Back to cafe, Vanraj tastes chef Vinod’s dishes and says he needs to improve. Vinod says Anu taught all the dishes and he hasn’t learnt them completely yet, so Vanraj should call Anu for a day. Anu asks Samar and Nandini to help Vanraj in cafe as Mansi Jain in coming. They agree. Kavya walks to Anu and says chef is unable to prepare her signature dishes and this day is very important to her and V and if Mansi Jain gives negative review, they have to shut the cafe; so Anu should help them today. Anu says she can’t today. Kavya yells she herself helps usually and today when she is requesting help, she is showing attitude. Anu ignores her and puts on her music headset. Vanraj tastes Vinod and Baa’s dishes and says it doesn’t have Anu’s touch. Kavya continues shouting at Anu and raises hand. Anu holds her hand and ignore her again. Kavya walks away shouting if it goes wrong today, she will be responsible. Vanraj nervously wanders in cafe waiting for Mansi. Kavya complains him that Anu herself helps but today is denying to help even after her personal request, she is showing unnecessary attitude and taking revenge. He asks her to stop as he is already tensed. Baa tastes him another dish and he says it doesn’t have Anu’s touch. Anu is busy teaching dance to students. Mansi enters and takes table. Kavya asks him to do something. Anu finishes her dance class and asks students to go with parents and if it rains, come back and sit in. They agree and walk away. Baa and Bapuji hope Mansi doesn’t order Anu’s signature dishes. Kavya also hopes same. Mansi orders Anu’s dishes. Kavya yells she knew Anu will shut this cafe. Anu walks in and says she is preparing the dishes.

Precap: Vanraj entertains Mansi by singing. Mansi says she needs a cover pic before leaving. Vanraj calls Baa and Bapuji, but Kavya stands with him. Vanraj requests for positive review. Mansi says he will find out tomorrow.

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