Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer is Rajeshwari’s son

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Scene 1
Rani tries to stop Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says if you really love him then get out with him as well. She shoves Rani. Rajeshwari takes his sheet off and sees his face. she’s shocked. rajeshwari screams and says this can’t happen. She falls down. Rajmata and Digvijay come. They are shocked. Rajeshwari says this can’t be true. He can’t come back. This can’t be true. Rajmata says control yourself. She holds her. Rajeshwari says see there. Tell me it’s a lie. Rajeshwari faints. Rani asks what happened to her? What has he done that she fainted? Will anyone tell me the truth?

Scene 2
Champa calls Jai. Jai asks what’s going on there? She says I don’t get it either. but I can’t get any news. There is big secret. Nandini comes with her bags. Jai asks where are you going? She says to my home. He says this is your home. She says if it were, you won’t have spoken to me like that. HE says so you won’t stay? She says no. He says then I will go with you as well. She says instead of saying sorry you want to come with me? What kind of man are you? Is that how it will work? By spying on my family and burning my hand? He says I am so sorry baby. Nandini says you realized now? Jai burns his own hand. She stops and says what did you do? He says I deserve this. I wasn’t spying on your family. I care for Rani sa. She’s alone. Rani has Veer’s support. Nandini says I am sorry. I got you wrong. And never do this again.

Rani asks Rajmata what is happening and why? Rajmata says Ranvijay.. Rajeshwari opens eyes and says this can’t happen. The man whose name wasn’t allowed in this house. What is he doing here? Did you know about it? Rajmata is silent. Rajeshwari asks Digvijay you knew too? Yet you let him in this house? She stands up and says I can’t tolerate him here for a second. I will kick him out right now. Rajmata says you can’t do that. She takes her out. Everyone tries to stop her. Rani stands in front of her. Rani says he will die if you do this. PLease stop. Rajeshwari says move from my way. Rani says please try to understand.. Please stop. Rajeshwari says move. Rani says he’s Veer’s dad. Rajeshwari is shocked. She stands there in shock. They all look at her in shock.

Scene 3
Vikram asks Veer who did it? Tell me, please. He says let’s go home. We will know everything. He leaves.

Rajeshwri says Veer’s dad Ranvijay? This can’t be true. She asks Digvijay why are you silent? What is she saying? He’s your son right? Your illegitimate son right? Then why is she saying that? Tell her it’s a lie. Say it. He’s silent. Eajeshawri says he’s your sin that I am tolerating. He’s a dirty woman’s blood and she left it on me. Rajmata says enough. I can’t hear that about Veer’s mother. Rajeshwari says why? What is she to you? Rajmata says she’s like my daughter. Because that woman is no one but you. Rajeshwari is shocked. She steps back in shock. Rajmata says you gave birth to Veer. Rajeshwari says this can’t be true. She asks Digvijay what is she saying? He says she’s right.

Rajeshwari is shocked. Digvijay says after the wedding when Ranvijay left you, you lost your senses in shock. The doctor told us you are pregnant. We did everything to bring you to consciousness but you were in a coma. And you gave birth to Veer in the same coma. Rajeshwari cries. Digvijay says you started getting better. Everything was doing good but seeing Veer gave you panic attacks. The doctor told me you are in big shock. You should be kept away from his name, his memories, and anything related to him. So I removed everything related to him from my house. Digvijay removed all his pictures. He says I gave Veer to Kumud. She took care of Veer for two years. You were so alone. You needed a partner who could bring you out of all this. So I married you. I couldn’t see Rajawat son out of this house. So I brought Veer in with this story and you thought he is my illegitimate son. Rajeshwari cries.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer asks Rajeshwari why she did that with him. His license was taken away, his years of effort got wasted because she gave him water by mixing chemical. Everyone is shocked. Veer continues that Rajeshwari is so blind in her stubbornness that she risked someone’s life. He will never forgive her for that. He feels good that he is not her son. Rajeshwari is in tears.

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