ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 3

Hi all, I am so glad you all are liking my story. I am loving the current track too and I am waiting excitedly for this week’s episode tooo. Can’t wait! Enjoy the update today. I will try to update by Wednesday if I have time but weekly updates will be regular.

Episode starts…

Rani was trying to find her way to her class in college when some seniors came up to her and blocked her way.

Boy 1: Behanji aap kahan jaa rahi? (where are you going?)

Rani: What is it your business?

Boy 2: Watch the tone..remember you are new here.

Rani: What is your problem?

Boy 3: We just want to help (he smirked)

Rani: Yes, help by getting out the way

She tries to push past them but got shoved and nearly fell on the floor when they saw the principal coming..

Boy 1: Oh

Principal: I want you all in my office in 20 mins. Anyone who misses gets an automatic expulsion. Rani, you are excused, I saw what they did to you. Classroom is just round the corner, take the next right.

She nods and walks away.

Rani (thinking as she walked): Are all college boys like that? Why were they so rude?

After class..

Veer came to the gate in his car and looked to see if Rani was standing near the gate waiting for him. He was a little surprised when he did not find her there.

Veer (thinking): Where is Rani? I better go have a look

He walked out of his car and then saw some boys (the same ones that had teased Rani earlier on)

Veer stopped them: Excuse me, have you seen Rani?

Boy 1: Behanji?

Boy 2: Yea she’s inside.

Veer was getting angry as he could not stand these boys addressing Rani as behanji.

Veer: Listen all of you, the person you are talking about is my WIFE, and if I ever hear you calling her behanji again, mujhe bura koi nahi hoga. GOT IT?

The boys looked at each other and nodded before running away.

Veer was about to walk inside when Rani came from the corner and saw him. She ran to him and hugged him

Rani: Dactor saab, aap aa gaye?

Veer: Yes, how was your first day?

Rani: It was alright but I had some problems with those boys. They nearly pushed me onto the floor.

Veer hearing this got angry: Are you ok?

Rani: Shant dactor saab. I am ok. I think they were just teasing. Nothing to worry.

Veer: Come on Rani, let’s go home.

He grabbed her hand and guided her towards the car.

They did not notice someone was watching them from behind. The person walked away as Veer and Rani drove away.

Meanwhile back at home..

Kiara was in her room thinking of what RaniSa had said..she was feeling a little sad when Vikram came in with a tray.

Vikram: Here, have some tea.

Kiara shook her head and then turned away.

Vikram took the tea cup and used one of his hand to make her face him.

Vikram: I know you are sad with what RaniSa had said. Please don’t take it too hard, her anger is like a pressure cooker.

Kiara: Thank you Vikram.

She gently smiled and looked at the tea cup in his hand.

Kiara: Are you going to drink that or is it for me?

Vikram laughed and handed her the cup.

Back downstairs…

RaniSa was thinking about what to do with Veer and Vikram when Jai walked in. He stopped at the door when he saw her.

Jai: Hi RaniSa. Aapne bulaya? (you called?)

RaniSa: Haan, you remember the plan?

Jai: Yes, and don’t worry this time it will be full proof.

RaniSa: I am trusting you with this one last time. Don’t disappoint me if you do, you know the consequences.

Jai: Yes RaniSa.

She walked away as he called someone on the phone when Rani and Veer walked in.

Rani saw Jai standing in the middle of the hallway and turned to Veer.

Rani: Dactor saab, yeh budbaak yahan kya kar raha hai?

Veer turned towards the director where Rani was looking and saw Jai. He shouted.

Veer: Jai Singh!

Jai: Oh hi veer..and ‘bhabisa’

Veer: How dare you?

Jai: How dare me? What did I do now?

Veer: Get out of my house.

Jai: If you did not know, I just came to see my favourite people (he reached out his arms to hug them)

They took a step backwards and Veer held his hand up.

Jai: No hug? Aww how sad. Accha no worries, I will be going now. Bye bhabisa.

Veer and Rani looked at him as he smirked and walked out the house.

Precap: Veer and Rani bathroom scene and Jai executes the first stage of his plan while Rani makes a new friend.

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