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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishra putting the thread in the pajama and tells the kids that the necessity is the mother of all invention. The children clap. Adi tells that a father of his friend planted 100 trees and his name is published in the newspaper. Guddu asks him to do something by which he will get immortal in history. Adi says our Papa is alive and shall do something which makes him great. He gives him ideas. Mishra says I have done something which nobody can do. Adi asks what did you do? Mishra says marriage with your mummy. Brij comes there and says you shall get bharat ratna for this and asks him to hang the towel outside, says there is no water inside the bathroom. Mishra says I had filled water in the bucket. Shanti comes there and says Mishra family absorbs all our water, as it comes before them. Mishra asks what to do? Shanti says she has done wrong by marrying him and asks Guddu, Pooja and Adi to keep the towels in their school bags and have bath there.

Mishra is on the terrace, and keeping the clothes for drying. Mishra comes there. Mirza asks why didn’t you wash your face now? Mishra says everyone knows that you are getting all our water. Mirza says whoever is awake wins and whoever sleeps, loses. He asks why did you call me here? Mishra asks him to give 2 buckets of water. Mirza says if Sakina comes to know then she will not leave me. Mirza asks if this much water is enough. Mishra asks him to take bath himself. Mirza says he had taken bath already. Shanti and Sakina come there and argue. Sakina asks if they want to steal the water. Shanti says she didn’t know that he will ask water from them. Mirza says I refused to give the water. Mishra says he also told that Sakina begum can’t give even 2 drops to the dead person and told that she is from chirkut chindi chor family. Sakina gets angry and tells Mirza that she will see him first. She tells Shanti that she will be back and fight with them. Shanti says she will come with her red big bindi. Sakina goes.

Shanti scolds Mishra for asking water from Mirza. Mishra says if you had not come, then I would have get water from Mirza. Shanti asks him to go and get water from outside. Mishra says he will get anything for her. Brij comes there and asks him to fetch water from tanker. He says he got a water bottle from Badi bi (noorjahan). Shanti scolds Mishra and regrets to marry him. Mishra says atleast you realized your mistake and asks her to give towel, says he will have bath in givt tap. Shanti asks him to return with two buckets of water.

Sakina makes Mirza wipe the floor and asks what did you tell me and my family. Mirza says chindi chor and says Mishra played with your mind, I told this to his family. Sakina asks him to get water from outside and says he has to make food. Mirza says I will give you ideas to save water. Sakina says if we have food from outside, then water will be saved. She says Mishra family stays in our haveli without giving rent and gets all our water for free.

Later Mirza comes to get water. Mishra asks him why he don’t leave his haveli. Mirza says he will talk to DM and get separate water line for him. Mishra says even he has contacts with big people and will make him yearn for water. Paro sweeps the floor at Shanti’s house and tells that Sakina made Mirza wipe the floor with dry wiper. Shanti asks what does she do with stealing our water. Paro says stealing the water and says such people don’t get place in hell. She says she has to get water from the tanker. Shanti sends her. Brij tells that he got emergency and have to rush to bathroom. He asks Shanti to get a water bucket kept in the bathroom. She says Mishra went to get it. Mishra and Mirza are standing in the queue to get the water. They argue to get the water first. Mirza says water is falling in my bucket. Kudelal asks them to maintain silence. Just then the water stops coming. Bittu says you both are so inauspicious, neither you take bath nor make others have. Sakina tells Zoya and Inaam that she has ordered food for them and also for Ammijaan. She serves them food. Mirza comes there and says he couldn’t get water. Sakina says we have to order food again in evening of Rs. 1000. Mirza is shocked. Sakina says I can be hungry, but have to order food for kids and Ammijaan. Inaam says we will have this order helplessly for 3-6 months. Mirza says he will solve this water problem soon. Noorjahan asks if he wants them to be hungry until the water problem ends. Shanti scolds Mishra for returning empty handed. Mishra says all the city is suffering with water scarcity, and the water stopped coming when my turn comes. The kids tell Shanti that they had bath in school. They ask her to make noodles atleast. Shanti says she will make 56 food items for them. She scolds them and asks Mishra to wash the utensils outside, and says she will see how Sakina gets the water. Mirza and Mishra sleep outside, waiting for water to come. They wake up hearing the alarm and check the water, but it is not coming yet.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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