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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mirza and Mishra fetch water from outside while Adi and Guddu write down their countdown on the board. Mirza and Mishra get tired and fall on the beds. Mishra says he would have dug a well by now. Mirza says he should have been sent to Kala paani. Mishra tells Mirza that they have to unite to win from this water story, else their wives will troubles them a lot, by making them fetch the water. They get up to face their wives. Pappu asks Bittu to get the ticket, before his ticket cuts. Bittu asks him to worry about himself and says he will get ticket and will become Minister. He asks him to get habitual to stick the poster on the wall. Pappu thinks he will tear the poster and thinks Bittu roams as Anil Kapoor. Bittu shows him newspaper about the water scarcity problem. Pappu says they shall take advantage of it. Bittu asks him not to think of having a ticket and asks him to stick his poster for now. He says I will think about letting you have ticket after 15 years. Pappu says now I will show you, how I get water in the locality. Bittu laughs at him and says I have connection with Ministers, and thinking to get govt line in the area. He says you shall see as you can’t do anything. Pappu says I will bring water in the area and will make you feel ashamed. Kudelal appreciates Mirza and says the tea got tasty just as water scarcity arises. Mirza asks him to give the money else. Kaanta comes there and asks Mirza to give less milk tea. Mirza says due to the water scarcity, I am offering pure milk tea. Kudelal says I am homeless and Kaanta is bachelor. Kaanta shows the Newspaper and says whoever have wives, are getting their husband fetch water. Mirza and Mishra see their faces in the newspaper. Mishra says BBC ruined our respect. He tears the newspaper and throws it.

Sakina asks Shanti if Paro will come today or not, her phone is off. She asks what is she doing today? Shanti says she is getting food from outside, due to water scarcity. Sakina says even she is getting mineral water from outside. Shanti thinks she knows well, that she is boiling municipal corporation water and telling it as mineral water. Sakina also taunts her in heart. Shanti asks her to ask her for water if she needs. They talk big. Sakina asks did you tell something. Shanti says no and asks what are you making today. Sakina says today we are going out to have food in a restaurant. Door bell rings at Shanti’s house. Shanti says she has ordered food online and asks her to tell if she wants the number.

Zoya reads water problem news in newspaper. Guddu also reads a news. Noorjahan and Brij talk about planting trees. Brij says he has stomach problem and will end with his death. He asks Guddu to check if water is in the bathroom. Noorjahan tells Inaam that there will be war for sure between Mirza and Sakina, if the former don’t make arrangement for water. Brij rushes to the bathroom.

Bittu comes to Mirza’s house and feels pity seeing him fetching water in buckets from outside. Mirza asks him not to sprinkle salt on his wounds. Pappu comes to Mishra and says your pic is posted in the newspaper, it is my work to solve people’s problem. Mirza tells Bittu that he has back problem since he is fetching water. Sakina brings a little amount of water in a glass for Bittu. Bittu says it is not needed. Mirza takes the glass and drinks. Pappu asks Mishra to give 5000 Rs to get the motor for water. Mishra says nobody will give the money. Pappu says he has taken up this initiative alone. Shanti says Bittu bhaiyya is telling that he will get the water pipe. Sakina tells Bittu that his life is almost gone, but our life is remaining and has to take care of kids. Bittu says I will get water in the area, just needs your support. Mirza asks him to tell about pappu asking for charity to get Motor. Bittu says if Pappu gets 10000 rs charity, then he will use only 2000 Rs. Mishra says if Bittu brings govt line then 5000 will be saved and we will get water. Pappu says govt is govt and says Bittu don’t want water to come in this area, and wants people to die and he can own their property.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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