Best Laptop Under 50,000 Best Laptop Under 50000

Best Laptop Under 50000

Hi, Guys Now we will come to know the best laptop under 50000 the range of 50000. Which is having its best level features its performance. Even though we had money with us it’s very difficult to decide to choose the best laptop at a reasonable price.

best gaming laptop under 50000

The laptops are been divided for the 3 categories of people. They are follow 

1.Category:-  Students

2.Category:-  Office use

3.Category:-  Game and high-performance work.

1.Category:-  Students If you are a student and you wanna do casual gaming and you wanna run the medium level of software or you wanna need a laptop for using the search engines for the purpose of study or for the purpose of coding.   Mi Notebook 14:-   Mi notebook laptop is a very trending and updated laptop till now. In the Mi notebook 14  laptop, there is a high 10 generation processor with 8gb RAM and for the purpose of storage. There is 512Gb  SSD and for the purpose of graphics there is an N video G4 mx150 graphics card and damsire this laptop is the most best laptop in this series and for this laptop, there is no webcam on the upper side of the laptop.   There will USB cab webcam which is free of cost as accessories from the company side and regarding the performance of the will run very smoothly. When come to know about the screen of the laptop its 1r inches and which will reduce the punchy colors.   Regarding the battery, it is having a fantastic performance and it is having 7 to 8