Best Phone Under 15000 In 2021

Best Phone Under 15000 hey guys wanted to see a similar post but for the 15k segment, you want it you got it. I hear in today’s post, we’re gonna be taking a look at the best phones, available in and around the 15,000 rupee price point .

If you, do end up liking what you read here please comment me. Iet’s now, get started as always we’ve got multiple suggestions here. As there’s no perfect phone for everyone, based on what you prefer I’ve got something or the other for you in this post.

real me 6:

So, let’s start with the first one on the list at 14,000 rupees. We’ve got the real me 6.If you’re, looking for a decent all-rounder this seems to be the best choice.In this price segment,the real me X is the only phone on this list, that comes with a 90 Hertz refresh rate. It’s quite a large display 6.5 inches full HD, as well the selfie camera in this cutout here.

Best phone under 15000:

It’s the ever so impressive IMX 471 so nice quality 16 megapixel, sensor as for the internals. It’s got media Tech’s more than capable video g9 TT a pretty solid SOC that seems, powerful enough to pushthose 90 frames.  Thanks to that  the real me UI and feels battery smooth here.

If you’re into gaming, then this is the phone to buy 90 Hertz. Refresh the SOC the 120 Hertz that sampling it improves the gaming experience especially, for those games that support the high refresh rate display.

Best mobile under 15000:

      And for those asking, we did not experience any extravagant heating issues with regular use. Only after a couple of hours of continuous gaming,the plastic back felt warm but that was to be expected. So, nothing to worry here the reports that are coming out, they seem to be exaggerated.

   Anyway here’s one thing to keep in mind. If you wanna play Puggsy on HD plus ultra settings then, you’ have to get the 6 or 8 gig ram variant.The 4 gig version only supports, up to high-end HD graphics settings. This is something we came to note only after the reviews.

      So, adding it here I’ve also painted in the comments of the review.So, anyway the for 300 milliamp hour battery and more importantly, the 30 watt flash charger they are the highlights of this phone.The quad camera setup for the sink, Oh megapixel gw1 as primary that’s quite good. To the main Concha it would be low-light shots the display.

redmi note 9:

    It’s not very bright so sunlight legibility, takes a major it.  The plastic back so an alternative to this would be the redmi note 9 pro.It’s got a brighter panel so no sunlight issues. It’s larger as well 6.6 inches the reference rate.It’s just 60 Hertz though the phones also almost 20 gms heavier. But ,there’s good reason for that a larger display a higher capacity 5000milliamp power battery.

And most importantly, it’s got clasp to the back just not any glass, but “Corning’s Gorilla Glass” five to both the front and back. Which makes for a much better in hand feel, it also looks quite good.

The internals they’re pretty solid here as well, we’ve got “Qualcomm Snapdragon” 720 Qi. Which well it might not score as high as, mediatek helio g9 TT with synthetic benchmarks. It’s built on the newer 8 nanometer process.  Hence a race more efficient coupled with that 5000 milliamp hour battery.

Best phones under 15000:

The battery life is exemplary the 18 watt fast charger. Well, not as fast as the real me sixes.It’s still  quite fast the phone’s performance is good too. The redmi note 9 pro, it handles everything from day-to- day tasks to intense gaming with ease we again have a quad camera setup.

    Here as well but it’s Samsung’s 48 megapixel, gw2 as a primary with the F 1.79 lens similar 8 megapixel ultra vires in two megapixel depth sensor, but a 5 megapixel macro well.It is not as good as  filmi sixes optics with the exception of macros and selfies, rather than not mind Pro does perform, better the cameras they’re still pretty good.

    Now if you are looking for a phone, that’s lighter and also as  a smaller footprint, then the choice is be another redmi phone the redmi note 7 pro. Wait what that’s a two generation old phone.How can you recommend it if that’s what you’re thinking guys the speed at which will be read.

    Me launching new phones, it’s actually be quite surprising the redmi note 7 pro.It’s badly a year old.  so it still makes.Its case for you to spend your money on it. It’s got the same premium glass sandwich design as the note man pro.

Best camera phone under 15000:

But thanks to a lower capacity 4000 milliamp hour battery, and smaller 6.3 inch display it weighs lesser .It also has a smaller overall footprint.The processor inside is the snapdragon 675 and older.11 nanometer fabrication compared to 8 nanometers, on the 720 g but the mediatek chips 12 nanometers. So we can’t really go by that alone the performance.

Here is still pretty good me, UI has always been well optimized.  That means opening up apps, or switching, between them. It remains just as fast as even, when it comes to gaming the Adreno 612 can hold.

  Its own and on the battery front the 4000 milliamp hour battery. Well not as good as the redmi note 9 pro. you can still get through a day on a single charge, that is support for 18 watt fast charging here as well.

But the charger that’s included in the box is not 18 watts, it’s just 10 watts. which is better than the iPhone se 20/20 just say in anyway as far as camera, go we’ve got a 14 megapixel Sony sensor. 

best mobile under 15000:

IMX 586 the performance is quite close to the 64 megapixel Samsung gw1. On the real me 6 where it loses out without Texas with the other sensors no ultra wide Nomad, flow just a 5 megapixel dept sensor.

But I just 11,000 rupees the note 7 Pro, is a very good value for money option. Now, there are always some who want a Tier one brand they don’t want to go for the real nice and red.

samsung’s galaxy m31:

Here it’s gonna be samsung’s galaxy m31.  The only one with an AMOLED panel, on this list a 6.4 inch full HD plus infinity u panel. And as a samsung amoled the colour reproduction the contrast, the black levels it’s based on class. When it comes to performance the Exynos 96 xi can handle.

Most things it can even run most games, but when compared to the other phones. On this list it is under powered the build it isn’t anything, to write home it’s plastic well functional. It’s not too impressive what Samsung has done really well, though is included 6000 milliamp hour battery.

phones under 15000:

   While still keeping the weight low, relatively the 15 watt fast charger, does take its own sweet time. But with such a high-capacity battery, that’s a compromise.  you’d have to expect as for Optics, we have a capable triple camera setup, here a 48 megapixel primary with an 8 megapixel ultra wide.  A 5 megapixel depth sensor again it might not outperform.

The other phones on this list, but if you want a phone from a Tier one brand in this segment.There are compromises, that are going to be needed, and the m21 with those compromises is the best option available. Honorable mention to the nokia 6.2.It has the stock Android option at Google Earth. 

best camera phone under 15000:

 Here I  related over the me a three which would usually, have been my pick but given the recent issues. That people have been reporting, with the past few updates. That’s not one I’m gonna recommend anymore and that leaves us with the Nokia 6.0.

If you want stock Android and fast updates, so before we wrap up here’s the bottom line. If you want a solid all-rounder don’t mind taking a hit on bail quality, and screen brightness. Then choose the real me sakes If you want the phone, that gives you the best most premium in hand feeling this segment better battery life.

smartphone under 15000:

And I’m okay losing out on the 90 HD fresh, then go whether it be note 9. crow if you are short of cash, then the budget pick at 11 K the redmi note 7 pro. If amulet an tier 1 are high on your priority list, then it’s got to be Samsung’s Galaxy m-21 the fact that it offers best-in-class battery.That’s just icing on the cake.

so what do you guys think of my picks, do you feel I missed out on anything let me know via the comments below, and let me know if you’r want any other price point covered and hope you guys like this post thanks a lot for reading.

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