Best phone under 8000 best phones under 8000

best phone under 8000

Hi, guys today we are going to discuss Smartphone under 8000. Best phone under 8000 we are going to see the good features. And that is a good looking Smartphone and also a camera, processor, battery, the big display we can see. So let s go into the topic of smartphones under 8000.

1. Redmi 8A Dual

The redmi 8 a dual this was an 8999 rupee device because the build quality is like really solid. Even though the back is made out of plastic so as you can see here this is plastic. But it is a very solid one and talking about design and Xiaomi calls it the aura X grip.

Now I have to say this group design is amazing now I have been using this without the case ever since. I have been very confident about holding this device without any kind of protection and even the form factor.

Say you can comfortably hold it in one hand made calls and things like that and that is amazing. Now the design and build of the reading material are awesome. But how about the display so this here is a 6.2 inch HD Plus display.

Now HD plus is the resolution that you are going to get with sub 8,000 rupees smartphones. I have to say even though this here is an HD + display It is a really nice LCD display and surprisingly.  Xiaomi has managed to put Corning Gorilla Glass fie for the display in terms of protection.

best mobile under 8000

You really can’t argue so talking about the performance I have to say this here is a really smooth performing device. But make sure you don’t put like heavy games and thrash it to its knees please don’t do that. If you are not doing that then this here is a really small device why no means is the retina ATL meant for heavy Gaming.

it has been very smooth now the specs are not that impressive it has a Snapdragon 439 with 3gb of RAM and 32 GB storage and an expandable 512 is very good to see in 8000 smartphones.

best phones under 8000

The camera is pretty good the video quality is okay. Now the front-facing camera is an 8-megapixel camera. So give it more light to take a photo then the photos that you take so mostly selfies are gonna be good.

The device has a dual-camera setup with a 13-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. Where the depth sensor actually doesn’t do justice I mean that much but having that is still good.

That so Xiaomi focused a lot on battery life and I have to say this here has one of the best battery labs on any Smartphone. Yes, this has a 5000 mAh battery and the battery life was pretty good.

It has face unlock if he is nothing like that it just takes an image of you. And that is used to unlock your device. So the face unlocks in this works quite well.

best phone under 8000

2. Motorola e6 plus

The Moto e series we’ve got the new mortal e6 plus launched. It looks pretty sweet very affordable handset as far as the design goes of course its pretty standard for a budget handset . You get a nice shiny gloss finish or hands-on the model was quite scratched up.

The e6 plus half of course it’s just a single downwards fire and mono speaker but you do get a headphone jack for plugging in your proper thorns. However, running the show is the MediaTek helio p22 processor backed by either 2 or 3 gigs of ram depending on which model you go for.

best phone under 8000

moto e6 plus

It’ll be fine for just browsing a bit of the internet stuff like that. That’s about it 3000 milliamps a battery on there as also should hopefully keep you going all day long especially.

mobile under 8000

This it’s a nice basic 720p display also help it on the energy-efficient front is the fact. That it’s a nice bit of stock Android Pie on here as well unfortunately you don’t get the mortal app wear which offers the more to experiences.

The mortala e 6 plus is a dual at camera arrangement. You get a 13 megapixel eff 2.0 primary lens backed by a basic 2-megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots booting up the camera. you’ll see it’s a more simplified version of the usual effort.

best smartphone under 8000

That you get on Motorola handsets you can take your snaps nice and easy autumn or like tensioning manual controls in there unfortunately you can shoot up to full HD resolution video.

The phone there is an 8-megapixel selfie cam f 2.0. Now you’ll be able to grab the Motorola moto e 6 plus in four different colors. Like blue cranberry cherry and graphite which is basically just great. As when should you be able to pick it up in a couple of different variants.

best phone under 8000

3. Zenfone max m2 comes in 7999

The zenfone max M2 – it is definitely another contender in the budget segment and the max m2 is an evident testament. To Asus is continuous improvements with their zenfone max devices we’ve spent a good amount of time with this one.

And now we’re ready to share our experiences with you from afar the zenfone max m2 looks similar to the design of the max pro m2.

best phone under 8000

But taking a closer look it doesn’t have the same glossy back instead what you get is a metallic build. That’s actually not overall made of metal we can still see some polycarbonate parts and honestly.

That does make the phone feel a bit sturdier and unlike the max m1, the max M 2 gets revamped with a wide notch to follow last year’s trend.

mobile phone under 8000

The left side gives space for the dual nano sim and micro SD card tray while on the right are the standard volume rocker and power buttons something. I can’t help but notice is how buried the side buttons are it really takes a lot of getting used to coming from a smaller phone for me.

You’ll find dual 13 megapixel plus 2 megapixel rear cameras LED flash. And you’re in scanner moving on with a 6.3 inch IPS screen packed with 2.5 decrypted classes to get a 19 by 9 aspect ratio at a 720 by 1520 screen resolution.

Now let’s look at software unlike the zenfone max m1 the max m2. Now runs in stock Android-based off Android 8.1.

phones under 8000

Moving on the storage out of 32 gigabytes only 20 2.1 gigs is usable and that’s because of pre-installed apps. It’s kind of disappointing because I expected a lot more knowing it runs stock Android. But that’s ok because it does have a micro SD card slot with upgradable storage of the 512 gigabytes.

Let’s talk about cameras the zenfone max m2 is camera app itself is pretty straight forward for the rear cameras at the topmost row. You will find the camera modes such as automatic Pro HDR sports and night there’s also Flash beautify portrait and normal settings.

mobiles under 8000

The same camera modes can be found in the front camera excluding the Pro and HDR modes the quality from the selfie shooter is almost as good. Like the rear cameras but the noise gets worse at low-light conditions.

So I wouldn’t recommend using it as a selfie device if you don’t have sufficient lighting what’s good about the zenfone max m2 that you can shoot 4k at 30 frames per second which is great.

Now I can see that the max m2 totally got a significant upgrade from the max m1. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 632 processor and paired with 3 gigabytes of RAM which is pretty decent for multitasking.

best phone under 8000

And is pretty ok with gaming we’ve played quite a number of games such as pub G mobile asphalt 9 brawl stars mobile legends free phone under 8000

Let’s talk about the battery which is something people are really excited about. When it comes to this phone the zenfone max m2 comes with a whopping 4000 milliamp-hour battery an above-average capacity.

If you ask me and in our PC Mark battery test it lasted an impressive 17 hours in 10 minutes.

best phone under 8000

4. infinix smart 4 plus

It is the list of what Infinix has to offer a low-end budget Smartphone with less impressive numbers on paper. And possibly nothing too attractive or striking about it welcome to the Phoenix might for a low-end Smartphone.

For those on a very tight budget or let’s say you want a Smartphone. I can make phone calls. That can help you have access to social media occasionally or as a backup phone under 8000

The infinite Smartphone is descent when it comes to design and builds quality for the price of 7999. You shouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking plastic is a preferred material of choice here.

This device with it still looks beautiful it feels well-made and I can’t complain so much here. It comes in the box a micro USB charging cable a 5-volt charging brick.

On the rest of the device of Got the power button a Google assistant button and the volume rocker keys at the bottom. We’ve got a micro USB charging ports a headphone jack and a microphone at the back.

We’ve got a single camera set up with proof flash the fingerprint scanner. Infinix branding and the speaker grille the smart 4 house is a six-point six-inch HD Plus display with a resolution of 720 by 1600. it has an actual aspect ratio of 20 by 9 with the 266 pixels per inch density the 83.9%.

best mobile under 8000

The infinix smart4 comes with Helio a 22 quad-core processor which is the same C period a complete Infinix hot 8 and the techno’s platform. It is a respectable CPU for low budget segments to make it show.

Its full potential requires plenty of RAM and this is where the Smart 4 shot it comes with just 1 gigabyte of RAM which is way too small for any Android phone in 2019 Since in 32 gigabytes of internal storage.

A 4000 milliampere battery and X OS custom screen on top of Android 9pi go edition with the above-mentioned specs performance.

best phone under 8000

5. Real me c11

The real me c11 okay so first things up I just want to start off by saying this is an entry-level device it costs about 7499. If you’re just in the look for something really affordable like this.

So I just want you to manage your expectations when you buy the real me c11. Let me just start off if the good things first about this device. You want to start off on a positive note.

So let’s start off with the cameras so actually this is a very fallible device the price is low but we do get a very interesting set of cameras here. This is a dual-camera setup but the thing is that the image quality coming out from these devices.

best phones under 8000

It’s very nice for editing if you like to take your images to the next level. For example, so taking images during the day is pretty good taking images at night is also okay.

Moving on to the second thing that I like about this reel me c 11 and that is the display. So we do get only and a 720 p display here on the Real me c 11. But the thing is the colors are the viewing angles and even the brightness levels are pretty good.

best phone under 8000

The third thing is the battery life which it comes with a huge battery 5000mah in this real me c 11. I’ve managed to get about 2 days with this one single charge. So yes the charger that comes in a box is a slow charger it’s not a quick charger. We still charge using micro USB.

mobile under 8000

I just think it’s kind of underpowered so you only have 2 gigabytes of RAM here as well as 32 gigabytes of internal storage.

But performance on this device is kind of sluggish for example when you try to launch apps you notice. That it takes a few seconds to launch apps and if you’re a heavy user I shouldn’t say a heavy user.

Let’s say you just want to jump from Facebook to Instagram and onto your twitter. Say you just want to do these three items it will take you a couple of seconds to get these apps running.

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