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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari in kitchen called Anu to pick up phone. Anu saya please make sandwich in breakfast and picks up phone and talking to Rohan regarding there career and congratulate him for becoming pilot, and hungs up phone. Vibhu asks he was Rohan. Anu says yes your best friend and he became pilot earning 5 lakh. Vibhu says so what. Tiwari listing to everything from main foor. Anu says to Vibhu you know I got marriage proposal from his side. Vibhu says yes I know but you rejected it. Anu says yes because my love was true, you knew that I have different soft corner for pilot but you cannot become cree member.

Angoori waiting for rikshaw. Masterji come and greets her. Angoori says what happen to rickshaw are they on strike. Masterji says I’m going that side will send s rickshaw for you. Vibhu comes out of his house and sees Angoori greets him saying you going to temple. Angoori says yes I’m going to temple to pray for Tiwari but can’t find any rickshaw to drop me, says you look in tension. Vibhu says I have mental pressure will send pely for you.

Vibhu walking and sees Pelu having tea asks what happen to your hand. Pelu gives slip saying I had an accident. Vibhu mocks him. Pelu gives him slip saying my hand is fracture can you drive rickshaw for me for some days. Vibhu says you know whoe arr yoi talking to, I’m chappra University topper and I don’t got these bad days that I’ll drive rickshaw. Pelu gives a slip saying Anu will stop giving you money after some time you’ll die in hunger. Vibhu remember Anu saying I cannot increase your pocket money because I don’t have, ssys to Pelu how much you’ll pay me. Pelu gives a slip saying 500rs for me daily and above that all yours. Vibhu says I’m in

Anu talking on phone with Meenal and Tiwari come in pilot dress. Anu gets shocked after seeing him says and who is this. Tiwari says I’m captain Tiwari madam batch no. 35000 sisique masapali airlines. Anu says Tiwari what kind of joke is this and what you said. Tiwari says I’m Pilot for masapali airlines which travel between nepal and Katmandu from 12am to 4am. Anu says I cannot believe you and pilot. Tiwari says nobody believes me but yes I’m pilot. Anu says tell me everything hoe you became. Tiwari says my mom dad teach me to become pilot but after becoming pilot nobody wanted to marry me because they use to think that my plane will crash some day so my father send me city to do course of pilot. Anu say’s which father biological or on paper one. Tiwari says biological one. Anu says then you came to city did your training and became pilot then what happen. Tiwari says then my plan landed in Angooris house but she said you have to leave pilot job. Anu says this is so bad so what you did next. Tiwari says I told Angoori that I left pilot jon and because of her I opened shop of undergarments. Anu imagine Vibhu coming in pilot uniform and saying to Anu yor flight is ready to take off for London. Anu says is this flight empty. Vibhu says yes. Anu says then take this flight to desolate place so that we will have privacy, cool breeze. Vibhu and Anu gets romantic and start singing romantic song for Anu. Tiwari says what are you looking at Anu. Anu says sorry I’m just so impressed seeing you in this avatar and think why Vibhu cannot be like you what is difference between you and Vibhu what you have that you became pilot and Vibhu didn’t. Tiwari says it’s flight time now I have to leave.

Rusa sitting near tea stall and asked for pani puri from pani puri seller. Seller gives him pani puri. Rusa says what you did this is so spicy my mouth is burning. Seller says you told me to make spicy so I made it now its not my fault. TMT come shouting her name Rusa and sit. Rusa says please say something else too. Teeka says why were you shouting. Tillu says did this pani puri seller did something to you. Malkhan says we will beat him so much. Rusa says you guys don’t care about me at all. Teeka says we care for you a lot more then us. Rusa says if you had cared for me I wouldn’t be in this condition today. Tillu says you are commissioner’s sister-in-law you can have mand handsome guys why are you alone. Rusa says I’m not worried about my marriage hold on tell me something why are you three always worried about my marriage. Malkhan says we are worried about our marriage. Teeka says you tell what happen to you. Rusa says life is so bad I’m jobless I want a job can you help me to get a job, so many people know you. Malkhan says we always looked gor good job. Teeka says but we promise you we will give you a good job promise.

Tiwari come in his bedroom in Pilot dress, Tiwari says thankgod she is sleeping or she would have asked lot of questions. Angoori asks Tiwari you came. Tiwari says you go to sleep. Angoori says you out on so intense perfume so I wake up and switch on light and gets shock after seeing Tiwari in pilot dress

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