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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori sees Tiwari in Pilot clothes and asks when did you become waiter, Tiwari says does this look like waiter clothes to you, Angoori says oh you joined Band, why didn’t you tell me, Tiwari says stupid woman these are pilot clothes, I fly planes, Angoori says oh my god, you never told me this, Tiwari says you may get scared, Angoori says I am so proud and now we will fly together and will tell Amaji too, Angoori calls her and tells her about Tiwari flying planes, Amaji says he can’t even ride a bullock cart, Angoori says he does now congratulate him, Tiwari says I joined a coaching now I am a pilot, Amaji says then a free air ticket for me too.

Anu playing game, Vibhu dashes her, Anu says don’t spoil my game, I am landing a flight and can you, oh no you can’t, Vibhu says why did you marry me then, Anu says Rohan did propose, Vibhu says I wipl kill him if airplane flys over us, Anu says you are good at just being jealous first Rohan and now Tiwari, look he became Pilot, Vibhu says I have leased Auto from Pelu and will ask you no money, Anu says so now you will ride Auto, Vibhu says yes there is no shame in that, Anu says go for hand carts too and now don’t compare yourself to Tiwari now because he is a pilot high standards abd you just an auto driver.

Vibhu walks to Pelu, he sees his auto and finds Pelu defecating, Pelu hands a note and asks where were you, Vibhu says don’t talk to me in this tone, Pelu says I can I am your boss and now I fire you, Vibhu remembers Anu saying she can’t give him extra pocket money, Vibhu asks Pelu not to and apologise, Pelu asks him to wash auto.

Tiwari Visits Anu, Anu jogging, Anu says don’t you have to go, Tiwari says I will walk with you for sometime and then fly, Anu sees Vibhu in auto driver outfit and gets shocked, Tiwari makes fun of Vibhu, Vibhu says only difference is you fly planes and me auto we both are driver’s, Tiwari says keep in touch will contact if I need a servant.
Prem walks to Vibhu and says Pelu drop me to Gulfamkali’s, Vibhu says its me, Prem says good you finally realised, Master congratulates Vibhu on his job, Prem says do you want ride to Gulfamkali, Master gets angry and leaves.

Angoori waiting for auto, she asks Gupta to inform Pelu, Gupta says Pelu is injured he can’t ride auto, Angoori says poor Pelu ask him to come have food at us, Gupta says you are a business man’s wife so get yourself a car, Angoori says you are right, I am thinking of getting a plane straight away, Gupta says good idea.
Vibhu walks to Angoori with Auto, Angoori says you look so good driving auto, and I feel happy to see you having job now, Vibhu asks where you want to go, Angoori says temple.

Tiwari hides in a place and says I will wait here below pipe for 3 hours, I have told other’s I am in a flight, TMT walk there, Tiwari asleep, Teeka says to Tilu Malkan how will we get Rusa job, TMT hear Tiwari snoring, Tilu says I think its Tiwari’s, Teeka says yes they are but where is he, Malkan says let’s find him, TMT find him below pipe, they try waking up but he is fast asleep.
Tilu says why is he in band outfit, Teeka says ots pilot’s outfit, Tilu throws water on him, Tiwari wakes up and looking at them feela disgusting, TMT say we heard you are pilot and start laughing and ask what plane was below the pipe, Tiwari says I was in flight and felt like defecating so landed here.

Helan waiting for auto, Vibhu sees her and hides his face, Helan asks him to drop her, and asks him why are you hiding face, Vibhu says because its me.

TMT walks to Rusa at chat corner, Rusa eating very spicy, Rusa says I gave you one work to find me one job, Tilu says I have a friend pilot, he will do your work, Teeka says he is my friend, Malkan says no mine, Rusa says okay what next, Teeka says you will be air hostess now, Rusa says if you fulfill my dream you will soon know.
Chat vendor asks TMT to pay Rusa’s bill.
TMT says when she gets job we will.

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