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Anu on phone talking about smart wife compition going to be held in Kanpur. Helan come and ask to Any about what compition are you talking about. Anu says in Kanpur smart wife compition is gonna held. Helan says so I can also participate in that. Anu says how can you participate your husband left you and went to Himalaya. Helan says this is husband problem not mine and I tolerated him so many years so I should get and award for this too. Anu says then this award should be with me because I’m tolerating Vibhu. Helan says to Anu so you believe that you are Vibhus ideol wife. Anu says Ofcourse. Helan and Anu start arguing to eachother. Vibhu come inside house holding bag over his head and says to Helan aunty you didn’t pay your fair. Helan says you are calling me aunty I’m your mother. Vibhu says there is no relation in business. Helan says how much. Vibhu says its 255rs. Helan gets shocked and says 255rs from afim koti to here this is too much. Vibhu says its 15km far from here and you brought me from long route and the street were also not constructed. Anu says to Helan why are you arguing pay him. Vibhu says to Helan please pay me so that I’ll leave. Helan says take from your wife and leaves. Anu says to Vibhu ask from your mother. Angoori come and greets them and says I came here to invite you for dinner tonight because Tiwari become pilot. Anu and Vibhu says sure we sill be there Angoori leaves and Vibhu says to Anu please pay me. Anu says come inside I’ll give. Vibhu gets scared and leave.

Vibhu on street sitting on his rickshaw talking to himself saying today I earned a lot I’ll take a guft for Anu she will feel proud of me. Two men come and says to Vibhu you are in our locality so pay me 1000rs. Vibhu says I’m sorry. Men says I can burn this rickshaw. Vibhu says I’m sorry and start crying saying please leave me I’m poor. Two men start snatching his money and beats him. Manohar come whistling and both men run away and asks Vibhu what was happening here. Vibhu says they were trying to snatch my money this is first time police came on time. Manohar says you are parked in no parking zone so you have to pay fine, you dont have headlight, bell is not working and after 8pm rickshaw are closed so fine for that too. Vibhu says I’m sorry. Manohar says give me 1600rs. Vibhu says I’m poor please do something take bribe and leave me. Manohar says ok rs1600 is chalan so give me 1500rs and snatches from his hand says run from here. Vibhu ssys thank god I kept 500rs for rainy days. Pelu come and takes that money too and give him slip saying today’s rent 500.

Tiwari in pilot dress goes to wine shop ask for alcohol and sees TMT. Teeka asks Tiwari ehat sre you doing here. Tillu says what happen to your face after seeing us and TMT start mocking Tiwari. Tiwari says please don’t waste my time I’m in hurry. Teeka says one minute you were going to fly plane. Tiwari says I cancelled it because there’s an party in my house for becoming pilot you three are also invited. Malkhan says can we invite Rusa too. Tiwari says everything is costly. Malkhan says so what is cheap. Tiwari says you all. Tiwari applying perfume in his bedroom. Anu come and mocks him says where are you going. Vibhu I’m coming to party with you. Anu says what you’ll do there. Vibhu says I’m seeing now a days you are insulting me so much. Anu says me I insult you, you don’t give me chance you are always insulting you everytime. Vibhu start his mellow drama. Anu says to him you talking anything rubbish but you are not going to Tiwari’s party. Vibhu says I’ll go.

Angoori, Tiwari, TMT, Masterji, Gupta, Prem in Tiwari’s party. Angoori greets everyone and says I have cooked many different kind of dishes please eat till your belly is full. Rusa come and congratulate Tiwari for becoming pilot. Tiwari thanks her. Masterji says to Tiwari you’re great you made our morden colony proud and people like Vibhuti did not so great. Vibhu and Anu come to party. TMT also mocks Vibhu. Anu says to Vibhu why did you come here and congratulates Tiwari. Vibhu also congratulates Tiwari. Tiwari ignore him and goes to greet Pelu. Prem says to Tiwari you are so humble being a pilot you are still hugging a rickshaw driver. Tiwari says everyone is equal for me unlike other people who are always making fun of me. Vibhu goes to Angoori and says if would have known they will insult me so much in your party I would have cancelled the plan. Angoori says who is insulting you. Anu says so how you feel like being in clouds. Tiwari says it feels like I’m in clouds. TMT mocks Vibhu again. Vibhu goes and start beating TMT. Anu take Vibhu away and says what are you doing. Angoori says to Vibhu what are you doing can’t see party is going on. TMT mocks Vibhu again. Tiwari says can’t you see here are many VVIP people and you are doing this kind of nonsense. Vibhu sobbes and says so its right you sll sre insulting me. Anu says what is happening here. Tiwari says to Anu I’ll explain Vibhuti is jealous of me so he is doing all this. Vibhu says I’m invited Angoori invited me. Tiwari says to Angoori you should have called good people. Prem says to Tiwari what are you doing play some music let’s dance. Everyone start dancing.

Vibhu sitting in rickshaw with his face covered. Bhoorey come and says to scolding rickshaw wala and remove clothe from his face gets shocked and says Vibhu its you, you are driving rickshaw. Vibhu gets senti. Bhoorey says don’t says like this Vibhu atleast you are working I also did small jobs I use to work in stable and did everything for horses. Vibhu asks how was your experience. Bhoorey says it was good and says few days back I was passing by that stable and every horse fromthere come and surrounded me and start licking me, I saw every horse had one black helmet on them. Vibhu says really you didn’t hardwork in stable you just had party there. Bhoorey says I was joking to make you happy because you were sad let’s go morden colony

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