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Capsicum recipe:

Hey guys well in this very special lock-down series I understand you have as limited resources as I have today. And for that, I’m making a recipe Capsicum rice which is very quick, very simple, and trust me very easy.




Basmati rice


Chana dal 1 TBSP

Urad dal ¾ TBSP

Coriander seeds

Cumin seeds 1TBSP

Red chilies (dry)


1 teaspoon of red chili powder

Mustard seeds 1 TBSP

Turmeric powder


Curry leaves


Capsicum recipe:

It is a South Indian style capsule of rice form the capsicum rice. Two main ingredients the two main vegetables of course are capsicum and onions. But apart from this, you don’t need vegetables as such.

But if you have some vegetables at home today like carrot, cabbage, beans, or peas with pleasure please add well. There are sudden few basic things that are required for this. The first thing is to precook basmati rice and keep it ready.

Capsicum rice:

If you have basmati rice which is from a night before or a leftover by all means for that use. If not then you need to cook rice steam it the way you’d generally steamed strain it and dry it.

It has to be at room temperature or it has to be cold. Well, I am using basmati because I like the flavor of basmati in a preparation like this. After all, this is literally like a Tawa pulao.

 Which has capsicum and onions and things like that but you can use any grain of rice? So capsicums need to be sliced and ready. Onions need to be sliced and ready and rice needs to be cooked at room temperature.

Powder spice:

The next is to make a powder spice let’s begin that.

For that well the first thing is, to begin with making a powder spice as I said. For that let’s begin with chana dal, udah dal, dhania, or coriander seeds along with this some cumin seeds. Let’s add in some red chilies and dry roast this.

Capsicum rice:

Then it becomes a nice and flavorful well of course at this stage you can use multiple chilies. That you personally generally use in your home or at this point whatever you have in stock. If you do not have whole red chilies by all means you can avoid it at this stage.

Later just add in a teaspoon of red chili powder. The masala a kind of roasted and ready perfectly fragrant time to cool it down and grind it into a fine powder.

 Let’s heat the same Kadai again and add in some ghee. Of course, you can also make this with coconut oil and that would also this just perfect. Once the ghee heats up we’ll begin with Urad dal. Now, this is the same dal from the original quantity just kept a little aside for later use.

Capsicum rice:

 When that kind of just begins to turn golden brown and some mustard seeds along with this curry patta or curry leaves just a touch of asafetida or hing. Along with this just a little bit of turmeric powder and along with this add in the powder spice that we just kind of ground. With this also add in freshly grated coconut and give this a quick mix.

 Once this masala is done and ready we’ll add in our sliced onions and capsicum. While I’m using green capsicum of course. You can use any capsicum any bell pepper will just work perfectly. what I like to retain a little bit of by it when making this recipe you can cook this till it’s perfectly done.

This is stir fry for a minute on high flame to this add again just a little bit of salt. Thus only for the onions and capsicum and the masala because while cooking the rice has already added salt that’s add in the cooked and cooled down basmati rice. And like I said earlier you could use any grain of rice basmati.

Capsicum recipes:

 It’s just fragrant and that’ll add a different flavor to this but any other green will also work well. Mix this well of course very carefully without breaking the grains of rice. And allow this to reheat or steam perfectly well and then take like a minute or so.

 You could also cover this and go there’s one ingredient that I like adding to this. That will take care of the water content because we need a little water just a few splashes to kind of bring it back to life. What I do is adding in just a few splashes of tamarind juice and that will add in the little bit of moisture. Which is kind of building steam and also makes it just a little sour but this capsicum rice is done and ready?

Trust me you can make a wonderful lunch or dinner out of something like this can go amazingly well with just a bowl of fresh curd or some touching but with this, a bowl of capsicum rice is done and ready, and trust me this is just amazing.

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