Chicken curry Chicken butter masala Chicken Makini



Chicken                         :    250gm

Garlic paste                 :    1 tea spoon full 

Ginger paste               :    1 tea spoon full

Red chili powder       :   1 table spoon full

Salt                                 :    as per taste 

Oil                                  :     4-5 spoon 

Onion                           :      2 finely chopped 

Butter                           :     1 spoon full 

Tomatoes                    :      2 finely chopped

Cashew nuts              :      10 -15 

Vinegar                       :      2 -3 drops

Garam Masala          :     1 tea spoon full

kasoori methi           :     some as for taste


    Hi guys welcome to get curry I  bring to your kitchen today is chicken curry or   butter chicken masala . Well this is one of those gems, that we end up ordering in a restaurant every time you place an order well it is ideal.

Marinate the chicken:

So let’s begin with this well now there are two components to this recipe one is the butter chicken. which is the chicken which will marinate ,and the second one is the gravy.

    So first let’s begin with the chicken. I have some chunks of chicken here, I’m adding in a little bit of garlic paste, ginger paste, red chilli powder and salt you have the nice mix. Then marinate the chicken pieces for 15-2o minutes, well now that the chicken has been marinating for some time.


 Now let’s start pan frying these, take some oil now that the oil is medium hot. Let’s start frying these chicken pieces, now that the chicken is almost done and ready let’s transfer this into another Bowl.


 I am cutting this onion very very very roughly because to run this into a mixer grinder. Now the same pan in which we had cooked our chicken goes in the chopped onion, and now add  a little bit of oil and since it’s butter chicken so add  a spoonful of butter they were lightly sweat these onions.

    Next goes in roughly cut tomatoes and along with this we will add in some cashew nuts, once this is evenly mixed add  some water and along with this the garlic paste next  some salt malt vinegar, some sugar, garam masala powder and some red chilli powder evenly mix this now that this mixture is nicely mixed and ready .


   let this mixture simmer for at least 15 to 20 minutes, till the time the entire thing becomes nice and mushy so that we can then run it into a mixer of fine paste. Now that this mixture has become nice and soft turn the flame off and transfer this into another container .

chicken makini and MC Niff :

 The container is where I’m going to use a hand blender and turn it into a fine puree, and blend it into a fine pulp. Now that this  puree  strain this in the same pan well  chicken curry is also called chicken makini and McNiff .

    Well know is not only butter but it’s also velvety smooth in English so remember that it has to be nice and smooth and buttery. so while saving this mixture we have to make sure we press as much as we can, so that there is absolute minimal wastage.

     What we have here is nothing but the seeds and the skin of the tomatoes now I’m just reheating this gravy, and now is the time where goes in the butter cream, kasoori methi.  The chicken so first goes in the bucket, next goes in some cream, next chicken now finally crushed mate. Now I let this gravy simmer for five to seven minutes, and here you have butter chicken masala or chicken curry  is now  ready.

   Garnish with fresh cream:

 Garnish with fresh cream and some castle unity chicken makan Walla chicken McNee or butter chicken masala whatever the name is the recipe remains the same do try it at home.

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