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Scene 1
Karan says you can’t leave us alone. Seher says we are so young. Param says who will be with us? Karan cries and says I will be your best son. Please don’t leave me. Seher says you both can fight any war together. Param says then why are you losing this one? Karan cries and says please win this won. The kids caress their faces. Meher says Seher promise me you will always be with your brothers and take care of them. Seher says I promise. Sarab says Param, you and Karan, always take care of your sister. Never leave her alone. The kids cry. Sarab says we have to go now. The kids cry. Sarab says we will always be with you and keep an eye on you. They lost breaths.

Meher and Sarab hold hands and die. Everyone cries. Meher and SArab’s souls say our kids will always be together. Their love will write a new story.

Scene 2
After 20 years, the kids grow up. Param says papa Mama I have chosen a guy for seher. After scanning thousands of profiles. His name is.. karan says what’s in the name? God morning. Param says good afternoon. Param says morning was 6 hours ago. He says my morning is when I woke up. He says mama papa don’t worry. I have handled everything. Jagga says talk in low voice. I don’t want Seher to know. Karan says everything won’t happen as per your demands. Param says because that’s how it is. I’ll find the guy for seher. Param says I already did.

Scene 3
Seher buys bracelets and bargains. She leaves money there and runs on her hoverboard. She runs ad falls. Flowers fall on her. The keeper runs after her.

Seher comes home. His friend says you scared me. Where were you? Seher comes to her best friend. She says I got your mom’s bracelet. She’s part of your wedding now. I know how it feels to be without parents. The watchmen come outside and fight with seher. The groom says do you even know who his brother is?

Param plays snooker with the guy he chose for seher. Param asks where do you see yourself after 5 years of marriage? He says to be a good husband, father and a successful businessman. Karan says is that your choice? Their business is drowning. Their share value is zero. seher will get married to the guy I chose. Harpareet singh maan’s son. Param says the one with a fraud case going on? They both fight who will choose a guy for seher.

A woman comes in. She says shut up both of you. I was looking for you. Param says bari bi. She says you both keep fighting. Say sorry to each other. She asks what’s the problem? Karan says I’ll choose the guy for sehrr. Param says i will. Param says you arw a loser. Karan says you don’t have to force all responsibilities on yourself. Param says then become responsible.

Scene 4
Seher dances at her friends wedding. All girls say you’re next Seher. Seher says I’ll find my mr. Right. Her friend says are you sure it’s one? What if there are two guys. Two guys get ready.

Bari bi sends video to Seher of Param and Karan fighting. She says whats up, guys? Bari bi’s son tikki gets a panic attack. Seher calms him down. Bari bi gives him the tou seher got it.

Param says seher you do so well. Karan says you handle special kids so well. Just couldn’t handle Param. Param says just finish your classes and go back to India. And you don’t have to work. Karan says I’m there for you. Seher says, first of all, you both stop fighting. Param says we weren’t. Seher says now hug.

Watchman comes and says I we picked your car. Karan asks who is this policeman? Why is he always the same guy? Seher hangs up. Seher says to her friend JJ you are so useless. You always use the same lines. My brothers have started doubting now. He says then find an idea. They can’t stop fighting. How long will you keep yourself here? Meher says I can go through anything to keep them together. Seher gets teary. He says you crying? Seher says mom used to say she will stitch my wedding dress. Taniya throws her bouquet and it falls in Seher’s hands. Everyone says Seher will get married next. Seher goes to temple.

Episode ends.

Precap: Seher’s earning falls in water when she comes to Gurdwara. Rajeev finds it. Later, Seher is praying. Rajeev also comes to pray and sits beside her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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