Cooking instructions:

Well, do you like to cook well I do if you see it on my apron I love cooking., But sometimes we get confused to understand certain cooking instructions. Now, there are words that you don’t know.How to use it or when we are reading, or taking cooking instructions.We don’t know what it means. So this lesson will help you,understand some cooking instructions in English.

 Cake Baking:

  So let’s get started the first one. That we have here is “Bake”. Now bake means when we put our food in oven on heat such as cakes, casserole or even bread. So that is when we say “I am gonna bake a cake”. so it means I am gonna put the food in the oven and cook it on heat. So you bake cakes or even bread all right.

grilles Veggies or grilled chicken:

     Another word here for you is “barbecue”. Now barbecue means when you grill your food. Of you probably grill your meat or even veggies. Like you know you put grilles potatoes or grilled chicken or beef steaks. so you put it on grill and you cook it on fire or hot coals. So, you grill your food and that’s what we call it as barbecue.Egg Beating:

The third one here is “Beat” what does that beat means if someone hit or give cooking instructions. Beat means to mix your food quickly, of you have to be fast and continue it doing. It has to be a continues action like your egg, so you beat your eggs. So if you are trying to make something, which needs a pleasant mixture of eggs or probably flour what you do is you mix it constantly, so that is beating.

To cut meat into slices:

   Then we have cavre, now what is that means well cavre means, ” To cut meat into slices” o. so cavre means to cut your meat into slices that’s a better word rather than just saying” Why don’t you cut your meat”. So the better word to use is “carve your meat.”

chopped vegetables:

Another word is chop. Now chop you might have read, when you are trying to go, online and get a recipe, you will always see chopped vegetables, or chopped onions. so what exactly it means well chop means to cut your veggies into small pieces. so you it just means to cut your vegetables into small pieces.Broil:

Then another one here is “Broil”. Now broil, means you cook your food probably meat or even veggies on high temperatures, and in fact you broil it for a very, very long time. so you heat it on a high temperature for a long time that’s what broil means. So the next time you are having a broil chicken or broil chicken soup then you have to cook it on a high temperature.

shallow fry:

Then another one we have here is “shallow fry”.  when I started learning to cook I used to really get confused between these two words one is “shallow fry” and another one is “deep fry”. I just didn’t know what exactly it meant well both cooking techniques are oil based. But I will tell you what’s the difference, so shallow fry is when you put your food again it’s an oil-based technique. But when you put your food, a battered food like battered meat or battered fish or even battered potatoes and you submerge the food partly.

 Now you do not just fill up the pan with lots of oil its very less oil. And you submerge  your meat or the fish partly, and you cook it only till it gets a little brown. so very little oil is used and you submerge your food partly.

Deep fry:

   And then what exactly “Deep fry “means so deep fry means when you dip your food completely into the oil.  Your  cooking pan is full of oil and you submerge the whole thing into that hot oil so that is deep fry. So hope this is clear shallow fry means very little oil and you submerge your food partly, whereas deep fry is when you completely submerge your food.


Now the next one here is “said or stir-fry”. Now  stir-fry means you put your veggies or probably meat  in a hot pan. Of which is where in you add a little oil to it. And you set the veggies or the meat quickly  and that’s on heat. But you do that quickly so that’s called  to stir-fry. veggies healthy probably you can stir-fry your veggies every night.  That should be your dinner trust me it’s healthy. So that’s what sort and stir-fry means. when you mix it in your frying pan  with little of oil.

Dough making for bread:

Then we have need now need so here you are pressing and stretching the dough is to need.  I use  the dough either for making pasta or it’s also used for breads. So if you are making bread. You need to knead the dough. Then you have to press the dough, hard oak and stretch it so that kneading all right.


And then the other one that we have here is scrambled. Have you tried scrambled of eggs,  one of my favorite breakfast. Now scrambles means when you mix the whites and the yellows of an egg. When and you mix it nicely so that’s called scrambling. So you are scrambling your eggs, and  put it in the plate.Eat with the bread so that’s scramble.


And then the last one is “mince”.So mince is when you particularly cut your veggies or meat into small pieces. In fact we make use of a machine to mince your meat. Because it’s difficult for you. yes probably greater or a shredder would help you. However to mince it in very tiny particles you definitely need a machine. So cut your veggies or the meat into small pieces.

So these are some verbs that would help you give or to take instructions for cooking. 

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