Coriander rice Cilantro rice recipe Coriander pulao recipe

Coriander rice:

Hi, I’m going to tell today is one of the easy quick fixes in a much underrated but equally delicious this is coriander rice.


 some rice
 One tablespoon of oil
 tablespoon of ghee
 One teaspoon of cumin seeds
 two Cardinals
 about to close
 few pieces of cinnamon sticks
 a small piece of star
 chopped onions 1

Chopped vegetables:

 A Chopped capsicum
 chopped French beans Half a cup of
 One carrot chopped
 Half a cup of green pea
 A little bit of salt

Main ingredient coriander paste:

  Coriander leaves 1 cup
 ½ a cup of mint leaves
  Onion 1/2
 2 cloves garlic
 3 green chilies
 1-inch piece ginger
 lemon juice some

Powdered spices:

• Half a teaspoon of coriander powder
•A teaspoon of cumin seed powder
• Some coriander leaves

STEP 1:Coriander rice

You go to start you take a pan and with heating one tablespoon of oil, and also one tablespoon of ghee once again oil is hot you go to add the whole spices.

STEP 2:Coriander rice

One teaspoon of cumin seeds you have two Cardinals, about to close, few pieces of cinnamon sticks, and a small piece of the star. Any just cook these spices till the cumin seeds turn slightly brown.


Next, you go to add finely chopped onions just sauté the onions for a minute you don’t want them to turn brown. Next, go in all the chopped vegetables have cut them into half-inch pieces some chopped capsicum, half a cup of chopped French beans, also one carrot chopped into half-inch pieces, half a cup of green pea all these vegetables are raw now you are to cook them.


Now you go to add about two to three tablespoons of water, to cook the vegetables and also a little bit of salt cover the pan with the lid and let the vegetables cook for two to three minutes. Let’s check on the vegetables and they look done the vegetables have cooked.

STEP 5:Coriander rice

And now you go to add the main ingredient which is the coriander paste for that you have taken 1 cup of coriander leaves, ½ a cup of mint leaves, 1/2 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 green chilies, and 1-inch piece ginger just grind all these ingredients.


Half a lemon juice in the blender. And now this in add the page since there are draw onions, and garlic in this you go to cook it at least for 2 minutes. The aromatic spices have filled this space with a beautiful smell.

STEP 7:Coriander rice

Next, you go to add all the powdered spices half teaspoons of coriander powder half a teaspoon of cumin seed powder mix this in.


 Now the last ingredient that is some rice you also go to add a little bit of salt just for the rice because you add some earlier for the vegetable and also some coriander leaves, just one tablespoon of water, take 2 spoons and toss this just toss it lightly so that you don’t break and if you’re finding it too dry.


You can sprinkle a little more water the coriander paste is nicely coated all the rice and now you just go to cover this and let it simmer for a minute two minutes are up
and now this rice is ready.

STEP 10:Coriander rice

To plate and just a little bit of coriander leaves coriander rice can be eaten for lunch or

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