Devastation due to heavy rain in JK, Basheer saved 3 lives by jumping into a overflowing drain

New Delhi: In Jammu and Kashmir, heavy rains and flash floods have wreaked havoc, while on the other hand such a picture has also come to the fore which has become an example of human spirit and courage. After heavy rains on Wednesday evening, the water in the Sindh drain flowing through Ganderbal district of central Kashmir increased with great speed and the river took a formidable form.


Saved many lives

In the last twenty years, Bashir, a brilliant swimmer, has saved the lives of 19 people and also helped the bodies of about 51 people to come out of the water. These rescue operations include the rafting accident in Sonmarg and the rescue operation of the pilgrims who came for the Amarnath Yatra. Bashir, who is about 38 years old, said, ‘Everyone knows that I am a good swimmer and that’s why they trust me but swimming for a hobby and doing it for rescue is different. It requires a lot of hard work and discipline.’

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