Don’t forget to plan these places in the monsoon season, it will be a waste of money and time!

With the arrival of monsoon season, the mind starts swinging with joy and it is bound to happen, because it gives relief from the heat. Sometimes rain and sometimes cold and cold winds make this season very pink and fun. This is the reason why most of the people like to travel in this season. However, during this time one should visit only those places where there is no risk of getting caught in the rain. Actually, there are some places where you can get stuck and your entire planning can go awry, so why not be careful about it in advance? Let us tell you about 5 such places where you should avoid going in the monsoon season.

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Himachal Pradesh
Most of the people like to go to Himachal Pradesh for roaming. This is because many famous hill stations are located here. There is a crowd of people here even in summer. It has been seen that most of the tourists come from Delhi. Many facilities are also available from Delhi to go to Himachal Pradesh. However, avoid visiting Himachal during the monsoon season i.e. the rainy season. Let us tell you that Himachal is a mountainous area where there is a danger of falling big stones or rocks when it rains. In such a situation, a situation like road closure or life threatening can also be created. So if you want to go to Himachal, then plan to go here before or after monsoon.
Like Himachal Pradesh, people go to Uttarakhand for a lot of tourism. Especially in the monsoon season, people like to visit hill stations. However, visiting here during the rainy season can be dangerous. Actually, there are some places here where it rains continuously, in such a situation, the roads there become very slippery and driving or walking here can prove to be fatal. So if you want to visit Uttarakhand, then go before or after the rainy season. If we talk about reaching here, then you can go from Delhi by bus or train or even by booking a cab. Just keep in mind that do not go here during the rainy season.

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Sikkim, full of natural beauty, is very much liked by the people. Tourists come from far and wide to visit here. Don’t go here for 12 months just for the monsoon season. Apart from the monsoon season, you must definitely visit this place anytime. Actually, during the rainy season it is quite bad here. During this time it is very difficult to drive on the roads. In this case, you will not be able to move around properly. So if you are planning to go to Sikkim, then do not make it during the rainy season.
Many tours go to visit Mumbai, but it becomes difficult for the people who come here in monsoon. Actually, in the monsoon season, the rain here snatches away. Due to the rains, the water gets filled here and it becomes difficult for people to come and go. So it is not easy for you to move around. So if you want to visit Mumbai, then go before or after the monsoon season.
Kerala is a very beautiful place and many tourists from far and wide come here to visit. In the rainy season, the view here becomes even better, greenery is seen all around. However, due to rain, the view here becomes quite scary. Actually, during the rainy season, there is a flood-like situation in many places here. So if you want to visit Kerala then do not go in monsoon. To visit, it would be right to go between the months of September to March.
– Simran Singh

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