Don’t forget to tie these colored rakhis on Rakshabandhan

RakshaBandhan: Some things need to be taken care of while buying Rakhi for brother. It is believed that some special types of rakhis should never be tied on brother’s wrist, they can also have inauspicious results. If a sister ties such a Rakhi to her brother, then she may have to face a huge loss. 

Black Rakhi
Sisters should never tie black colored Rakhi to brother on the day of Rakshabandhan. It is believed that the inauspicious time begins by tying a black colored Rakhi. According to the scriptures, black color is directly related to Shani Dev. Shani Dev is considered to be a delaying planet. 

Broken Rakhi
Broken or broken Rakhi should not be tied on brother’s wrist on the day of Rakshabandhan. It is believed that tying such rakhi gives inauspicious results.

Plastic Rakhi
tying plastic rakhis on brother’s wrist is also not auspicious. It is believed that plastic is made from impure things, tying such plastic rakhi can spoil all the bad luck.

Rakhi with inauspicious signs
While buying Rakhi, one should also pay attention to the design or inauspicious signs. Rakhi with inauspicious signs should never be tied on brother’s wrist on Raksha Bandhan. Doing so can lead to inauspicious times.

Rakhi with God’s photo
Knowledgeers say that sisters should never tie God’s Rakhi on brother’s wrist. This is the reason why Rakhi can become dirty at any time by breaking, openly or due to some reason, in which it can become dirty or can come under someone’s feet. In such a situation, unknowingly the right person has to become a partner of sin.

Rakhi with religious symbols
Rakhi should not be tied on the wrists of brothers with religious symbols like Om, Swastik, Shri Ram, Ganapati, Shri Krishna etc. It also amounts to an insult to God in the event of dirt or fall.

what kind of rakhi is worth using
sisters should tie rakhis like pearls, bracelets, flowers, paper, fabric, cotton string etc. to brothers. It is a protective thread as well as having the same importance as Rakhis with God or religious symbols after worship.


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