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Drumstick recipes :

There are many ways to make drumstick curry. So today I am going to be sharing a simple and delicious recipe. So basically I picked up the flavors from South India but given it my own twist to Drumstick recipes 

Hi guys this is your ultimate destination for vegetarian recipes. So the meaning reagent of course is drumsticks so when you buy drumsticks make sure.


Drumsticks 3

2 cups of water

1/4 teaspoon of Haldi turmeric powder

Salt half a teaspoon

10 to 12 co-come

half tablespoons of peanuts

four tablespoons of grated coconut

2 tbs of coconut oil

a tablespoon of mustard seeds

a teaspoon of cumin seeds

, red chilies and a few curry leaves

a few curry leaves

1 tablespoon of garlic paste

a teaspoon of ginger paste

shredded onion 1

Two tomatoes puree

Few spices:

Kashmiri red chili powder half a teaspoon

sambar masala 3/4 teaspoon

salt to taste


STEP 1:Drumstick recipes 

 You buy like thin tender ones and are clean them. And cut them in two or two-inch pieces all you need to do. Is please pull out all the skin from the drumsticks. Because it tends to make the gravy bitter so just pull it out like that


 So let’s start with the next step heat a pan into that to boil around 2 cups of water next let’s add in 1/4 teaspoon of Haldi turmeric powder, salt around half a teaspoon and to add in around 10 to 12 co-come. So you have taken the dried ones and washed them.

STEP 3:Drumstick recipes 

Thoroughly let’s add it into this water let the water come to a boil. So you’ve taken around 3 drumsticks that you’ve cleaned up. And now the waters come to a boil let’s add these inlet these cook for at least a good 10 minutes on the slow flame –


Grind two ingredients together. You have one and a half tablespoons of peanuts here, and also four tablespoons of grated coconut grind this together.

STEP 5:Drumstick recipes 

Let’s keep it aside and let’s heat another pan into this heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, or you could use any oil. That you have at home once the oil is nice and hot into this.


 To add in a tablespoon of mustard seeds a teaspoon of cumin seeds two dry, red chilies, and a few curry leaves, also a teaspoon of ginger paste, a tablespoon of garlic paste just saut√© this for a few seconds.

STEP 7:Drumstick recipes 

 And add one shredded onion just cook the onions for a couple of minutes. Till they turn soft the onions have softened into. This adds this coconut peanut paste saute this paste for a minute. And check on the drumsticks now they should be done just poke a knife into a piece. And if it’s nice and tender though that means they’re done.


So let’s turn off the flame and pour this entire water drumsticks and the kokum into this pan in case you don’t have cocke um you could always use tomato puree made out of two tomatoes but just add the tomato puree.

STEP 9:Drumstick recipes 

After you cook the onions and cook it well and then add the coconut paste. Don’t add it while boiling the drumsticks and add in a few spices. So you have Kashmiri red chili powder here so half a teaspoon you have sambar masala. Here surrounds 3/4 teaspoon, salt to taste curry underneath.

STEP 10:Drumstick recipes 

 So drumsticks are very commonly eaten in South Indian states. They are balls of the Moringa tree and they’re extremely nutritious. So you need to add this to your diet this is done let’s turn off the flame.


 And the time to plate so basically while eating makes sure you fish out or remove the co-come because that you don’t have to eat so just rumor out you can serve this with rice or even a pump it tastes delicious so do try this delicious curry at home.

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