Egg sandwich recipe egg sandwich Egg sandwich ideas for lunch

Egg sandwich recipe

Hello, friends today I’m going to share the recipe of egg sandwich how I make my quick and easy egg sandwich. This sandwich is perfect for lunch or midday snacks. And it’s super easy to make if in your house. The children didn’t like the sandwich then you can try this recipe of egg recipe of lunch.

You can give this in your children’s lunch box. It is a very tasty and easy recipe so let’s start the egg recipe of before going to start the recipe let us now see the ingredients which are needed for making this without any further delay shall we okay.


two hard-boiled eggs


1/8 teaspoon of  black pepper

salt to taste

some butter



STEP 1:Egg sandwich recipe

Let’s begin in a medium-sized bowl add two hard-boiled eggs and then roughly mess the eggs with a fork. Next add in your mayo, 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper, salt to taste, and mix all the ingredients until it’s nicely combined.

STEP 2: 

Now spread some butter on your bread with a butter knife. Next, add the egg mixture in a slice of bread and then evenly spread the mixture with a fork next close the sandwich. And cut the sandwich from corner to corner into four triangles and finally, our quick and delicious sandwich is ready.

STEP 3: Egg sandwich recipe

Our sandwich has got ready to remove from the pan and transfer it on the plate. It is ready to serve you can eat. And your children give to eat very tastily and delicious and this is bread and egg recipe you making vary easy so try this recipe and children like the egg and bread so easy to eat this recipe because trying to your house this recipe. To enjoy please give it a try it’s really amazing. This is a very tasty and easy recipe

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