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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daliya amma asking Ramabai if she went to Bhim Rao’s college. She agreed with Daliya ama, said that they went to eat peanuts afterwards. Daliya ama questioned why she didn’t take her to eat the peanuts. The other woman said that Bhim Rao would become an officer on day and then call everyone for a grand dinner. Another man said that by spending time with his wife Bhim Rao won’t be able to concentrate on his studies. Daliya amma sent Bhim Rao and Ramabai inside, she asked the other two not to interfere in husband – wife relation. The women replied that she lives with them due to unusual circumstances otherwise she must be respected because she belongs to the upper caste. Everyone went in an argument. Bhim Rao asked everyone to speak bad about each other until it rots.
Jijabai was not impressed with Bhim Rao’s lecture. Ramabai was supporting her husband. Annand’s wife asked not to speak like Bhim Rao.
Bhim Rao said that they must live, think, and act united otherwise only bad will happen to them. He left. The shoemaker opposed Bhim Rao, he asked everyone to understand and accept their casts and live by it.

Jijabai scold Ramabai for telling everyone her joy of eating peanuts while everyone in the house worries for single penny. Ramabai said that she didn’t pay for the peanuts. Jijabai replied that she has become like her husband who enjoy charity.

Bhim Rao pleaded Jijabai not to exert his anger on Ramabai. Jijabai asked him to leave off independently. If Bhimabai was here, she must have said the same because he was wasting money. Bhim Rao denied wasting money. She asked him to take his wife and live alone with his wife, then he would understand the difference between studies and wasting money. Bhim Rao agreed to do so.
Bhim Rao went outside recalling what Jijabai said to him.

Ramabai inquired about Bhim Rao. Meera said that Daliya ama saw him going out, he was a bit tensed. Jijabai said that he lives the most relaxed life in this house. She took the tea from Ramabai. She prayed for him to not return.
While Ramji was selling the gold chain the man said that he was being unfair to his other children just for Bhim Rao. Ramji replied that he would do justice to everyone, leaving this world with no complain and regrets. Two men followed Ramji as he left with the money.

Bhim Rao went to his Guruji.

Ramji being followed by two thieves tried escaping them. Ramji fought them. one of the man threatened him with a knife. Puranjan came, he and Ramji fought together. The men ran away. Ramji was surprised to see Puranjan. Puranjan permanently shifted to Bombay, he wanted to settle here. he asked Ramji to find him work here. Ramji said that they will first buy Bhim Rao’s books.

Guruji said that Bhim Rao was always aware of the difficulties in his path to educate himself. Bhim Rao said that he can tolerate anything but not his wife being insulted because of him. Ramji came. Bhim Rao was surprised to see Puranjan. Ramji gave Bhim Rao his books. Guruji asked Ramji to rest and let Bhim Rao carry the weight of his education. Ramji replied that he needs to work only for few more years than he would rest. Puranjan asked Bhim Rao to study they will take the books home. Ramji asked him to only carry the weight of his education, the rest is for them to handle. Puranjan agreed. They left. Guruji said that he has seen a lot of peoples who survive in 3 annas but leaving father’s like Ramji wouldn’t be bare able.

Ramabai woke up at night and went over to Bhim Rao. She woke him and asked why he left house in the afternoon. Bhim Rao said that he leaves daily, she must go back and sleep before anyone wakes up. Ramabai insisted. Bhim Rao requested her to sleep. She insisted again. Bhim Rao took her to a side and told her that he was thinking of leaving this house and live independently with her but giving it a deeper thought, he concluded that leaving his family was not an option. Ramabai took Bhim Rao’s hand and gave it a swing. He inquired. She replied that her grandmother used to do that every time she was tensed though it never solved the issue yet gave little bliss to enjoy.

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