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Ghoshi and his friends made fun of Bhim Rao for having connections with the principal, mocked him for sewing Principal’s shoes. Bhim Rao asked them not to waste them their time on him, rather spend it studying. Ghoshi wanted to teach Bhim Rao his position as a lower caste. Meanwhile the professor came and announced about few invigilators coming to suspect their academic status. He chose who students who will answer their questions. He called Ghoshi and another students. Bhim Rao requested to join. The professor asked him to be thankful that he was allowed to study in this institution. Professor didn’t want to present a lower caste before invigilators. Bhim Rao questioned for them having concern with the caste system since they were here to speculate our knowledge. The professor refused, he asked everyone to join in to cheer up their class representators. Bhim Rao was asked not to complain about it, he must maintain the decorum of being a student at this institute. Everyone left he classroom, Bhim Rao took the duster, wiped the board in anger.
The invigilators were warmly welcomed, Ghoshi and other selected students were called for invigilation. Principal wondered why Bhim Rao wasn’t called, he remembered the protest against him. Invigilators asked a question which the student was not able to answer completely, Bhim Rao knew the full answer. The invigilators completed the answer for him. another question was asked. Professor wanted Ghoshi to answer but he couldn’t remember. He gave the wrong answer, jumbled science with religion. The teachers felt embarrassed. Invigilators were disappointed with the answers and the academics of this college.
Bhim Rao saw a sweeper, he took the broom from him.
Invigilators weren’t happy with the performance, told that a negative report would be submitted to the head office. Meanwhile, Bhim Rao came and explain the answers briefly. Invigilators asked who he knew all this, his attire was familiar to a sweeper. Bhim Rao replied that he heard the professors explaining it to his class, his explanation was well enough to stay in his mind. He praised every teacher at this college. Invigilator said that Bhim Rao must study in this institute rather than sweeping the floors. They left.
Puranjan asked Ramji to go to police station with him, he was mugged last night. Ramji asked the location where Puranjan was mugged. He said that he was at the train station. Ramji’s college said that a lot of muggers reside there. Ramji questioned why Puranjan lied about staying at a Seth’s house. Puranjan lied because he didn’t want to burden Ramji. Sethji came, Ramji asked for a job for Puranjan. He claimed to take full responsibility of Puranjan’s special ability.
Bhim Rao excused for presenting himself as a sweeper, he was asked not to come before the invigilators being a lower caste. Principal questioned the teachers. The replied as they did so only to maintain the status of this institute. Another teacher replied that Bhim Rao maintained it otherwise the students which were selected were a shame. Guruji wanted these teachers to be punished for their mistake. He replied that nothing should be done that could damage college’s reputation. He openly threatened at left. Another teacher said that he did so to safeguard the caste status. Principal wanted to award Bhim Rao for what he did today. A teacher was amazed at Bhim Rao’s level of understanding and knowledge.
Rambai was gushing over Bhim Rao. She was eating her meal. Jijabai took Ramabai’s roti (tortious) and complained that she cannot eat three at a time or non would be left for others. Ramabai insisted to have the back as no one would eat her leftover. Jijabai would save it for later. Anand’s wife questioned Jijabai’s changing behavior. Jijabai wanted Ramabai to complain about this injustice to Bhim Rao and he takes her away for good otherwise the unborn child would cry for milk, but Bhim Rao’s books would be given priority over it. She worried if Ramji got to know about it creating nuisance in family. Jijabai asked to let it be because that only that’s how situation in this house would sort

PRECAP: Ramabai had to call her brothers and sisters to live with her. Jijabai and Ramji didn’t permit to bring them to their house. Neighbors questioned about the new children, they were Rama’s siblings. Jijabai was furious

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