Carrot halwa recipe Gajar ka halwa How to make Gajar halwa

Gajar halwa

Hi, friends in this post today I’m going to share the recipe of gajar ka halva. Carrot is many health benefits. It is a very tasty recipe of gajar ka halva. It is very tasty to eat and also easy to make. Gajar halwa

gajar ka halwa recipe with khoya

The windows are you and one of the most commonly available roots is the carrot or the garden so.


Created a kilo of carrots

Five tablespoons of ghee

a liter of full-fat milk


Ten tablespoons of sugar

approximately 3/4 of a cup

Some dry fruits:

some almonds

cashew nuts some

some pistachios

a teaspoon of green cardamom powder

2 kg gajar ka halwa recipe

Today let’s make( a classic Indian dessert called) the gajar ka halva for that you go to take a pan and heat you add five tablespoons of ghee and have already created a kilo of carrots.

Which you go to just saute for a few minutes while you’re choosing the carrots for the halva. Make sure that the carrots look nice and juicy these carrots till they turn a nice beautiful orange in color.

Gajar halwa

As you can the color of the carrots has changed into a beautiful orange you go to add a liter of full-fat milk with the cream you boiled the milk and kept it in the refrigerator overnight.

And when a nice thick layer of cream came up on that is when you have used it. For my Gajar ka halva now let’s cook the carrots in this milk you have to occasionally stir this.

gajar ka halwa in cooker

So you go to cook these grated carrots in milk till the milk is reduced and evaporated which will take approximately half an Auto body 10 minutes. As you can the milk has reduced considerably let’s add sugar you go to add ten tablespoons of sugar.

Which is approximately 3/4 of a cup now you go to add some dry fruits you have?

carrot halwa with milkmaid

Soaked in water and you have chopped so got some almonds here you have some cashew nuts, and you have raisins and some pistachios. And this is one of my favorite desserts and I like one thing over here and to add a teaspoon of green cardamom powder.

Now you are going to cook this gajar ka halva till the milk has completely reduced and the halva has become moist and gooey. So one of the common questions is how do you realize that the halva is ready.

carrot halwa in cooker

 It’s not overdone or it is not underdone is when you that the milk is totally reduced and the fact is appearing around the album as you can our gajar ka halva is ready. There are no traces of milk and the fat is pure all around the halva so now let’s serve.

Very simple is gajar ka halva and beautiful way. So these carrots which are used for the Gajar ka halva are seasonal and will be available only for a couple of months more. So do try this dish quickly and let me know for such sweet recipes.

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