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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu taking bath and finds some hair on the ground. He thinks if it is of someone else or mine. He checks his hair and some of it fall down. He thinks if it comes out in speed then I will become bald till I reach the PS. He imagines coming home bald while hiding his face. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi taunt him and also throw something on him. Amma and Rajjo come there and he collides with them. Amma feels bad seeing him bald. She says she wants to play table on his head. Ranbir and Hritik ask Amma to play table on his head. Happu shows his face and they all get shocked seeing him bald. Rajjo asks how dare you to become bald? Happu says I didn’t do this, God have done this. Amma says she was upset slapping on his face, now will hit on his head. Rajjo says I already told him that I will leave if gets bald. Amma asks her to go. Rajjo says I am not joking and says I will leave. Happu tries to stop her and cries. His imagination ends and he cries. Amma asks why are you stopping me from bringing Sattu? She asks what are you hiding behind? Happu says he is thinking to first massage and then take bath. Amma asks if your hair is falling. Happu says no. Amma tells him whatever Dada ji said, that Yamraj plays Nagara on the bald men head. Happu says whatever is happening there. Amma says she is going to bring Sattu. Happu thinks he will feel pain if Nagara is played on it. He thinks to go to Beni’s house and take help from him, thinks his hair is strong.

Happu comes to beni’s house. Beni asks what happened to you. Happu says he was taking bath and find his hair on the ground. He tells about Rajjo’s threat and says if I get bald, then nobody will love me or see my face. Beni checks his hair and says how many hair fall down in a day. Happu says 24 on an average. Beni asks him to think if one pot is taken out from the sea then when will sea water be over? happu says it will take many years. Beni says same way, your hair will be on your head for many years. Happu says you have done doctor’s work today.

Kamlesh looks at himself and thinks he is looking hot. He combs his hair and finds his hair in the comb. He cries, seeing his hair falling. She worries for Kat’s reaction and imagines Kat asking her little kidos to take her video. Kamlesh comes there with big wig on his head. Kat says hi. Ranbir says your hair is silky. Kamlesh asks how is he looking? Kat says he is the shop of hair and says she will style his hair and takes hair dryer. His wig falls down and she gets shocked to see his bald head. Hritik says you have fun. Chamchi says you are looking cool dude. Kat asks him to get out. Kamlesh asks her to listen. Malaika comes there and beats him. She says you have betrayed my sister, we shall beat him. His Imagination ends. He thinks Kat shall not know. Kat calls him on video call. He rejects her call. Kat gets angry and calls him again. Kamlesh thinks he has to pick the call, else she will break friendship. He picks the call and asks how is she? Kat says she is fine and asks why did he cut the call? Kamlesh says network. Kat asks him to show his hair. Kamlesh asks why? Kat asks him to show his hair. Kamlesh thinks something is in Kat’s mind. Kamlesh says my phone’s battery is low and ends the call. He thinks if kat came to know about my hair fall.

Malaika tells Amma that she has seen hair in the milk. Hritik says it must be buffalo hair. Malaika asks whose hair is this? Happu says it must be of Rajjo. Amma scolds Rajjo. Rajjo asks her to show the hair and says she will match. Chamchi says it is not of Mummy’s hair size. Ranbir asks her to check the size. Rajjo says I will beat the person, whoever hair is this. Happu asks her to make everyone have food first. Rajjo checks everyone’s hair. Happu pretends to get call and goes out, before she checks his hair. Kat is taking selfie. Malaika says she came to make up and wipe her face. Kat scolds her and says her make up is worth 12000 Rs. Kamlesh comes there and says hi. He is wearing a cap and asks how is he looking? Malaika taunts him. Kamlesh says you don’t know new fashion. Malaika slaps him. Kat asks her not to touch him and asks him to remove his cap. Kamlesh asks why you want to see my hair. Kat says she wants to test the hair cream on his hair first. Kamlesh says my hair is not of iron. Malaika slaps him and twists his hand. Kamlesh makes an excuse that he is wearing the cap for his relative, else his soul will wander here and there. Malaika asks Kat to remove his cap while she holds him. Kamlesh leaves on his bike before she could hold him.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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