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Jaro education:

Hello guys I’m here to discuss a few important points helpful for Jaro education. Then that you should remember before appearing for the Jo drive. That is on six so initially everyone all the best to all of you for the drive.

Let’s start so the first one is like let’s clear it is a sales profile. So the only thing that is going to be tested is your communication only. Yes of course I mean the basic criteria will be becoming communication. What I mean to say is that your marks cgp won’t be.

 You won’t be judged on that factor so don’t be worried. If you’re confident enough about your communication skills. Yes, it is the best opportunity you can get so please go for it.

Then let’s start the there will be two rounds in the college that would be one is group discussion and the second one will be the personal interview.  So for group discussions, I just discussed a few important points that you should remember.

One is that the topics that will be there for group discussion will be on the recent happenings. So it can be like it can come it can be like the Pulwama attack or if you have even known about like the cool motions. Another case that is in the International Court of Justice can be a topic or it can be a social topic as well.

For example:  Jaro education interview first is the group discussion

let’s say it’s like a social media boon or bane and yeah that’s all. I mean there are numerous topics you can just search for them. It can be one of those or anything from the like recent happenings.

Second is like important points to remember most importantly do not get into an argument in the group discussion. It will be a negative point it won’t be seen as a positive point.

If you’re getting into an argument with your peers in the group discussion that is for the most important point. Second is do not point fingers or look at the HR while discussing. You shouldn’t be looking at your peers in the industry involved in the discussion.

The third is being confident about what you are saying. If you are seen to be doubtful you will be on the negative side. So be positive, be optimistic, be confident, about what you say be fixed on your opinion. Also, be respectful towards others, and then what’s better is responding to their points.

Going according to the flow of the discussion that will gain you more brownie points. Then it will just prove that you are listening to the other people’s points. Then giving yours as well so that is how you can play throughout the discussion.  

Jaro education:

It’s a discussion it is not a debate. So please remember that as well throughout the discussion you don’t have to get into an argument or make it a debate. Yes, you are free to have your opinion with respect to the so patience and then present your opinion.

That’s how the discussion should go. I think or what I did during my group discussion. There will be tentatively 10 to 15 people in one group for group discussion. So what I would suggest is that you can carry a tiny piece of paper and a pen in the discussion hall.

So that when HR gives you the talk topic for the discussion you can just jot down a few points. That you know what to say that you don’t fumble. One main point you have to do is while making your point you don’t have to fumble.

Because the other people all your peers will be there just be there. To catch the opportunity when you stop and start talking. It’s better if you are fluent in what you say you don’t fumble during the entire point that you’re making at that point in time.

That’s it for I mean that’s it from group discussion of course if you have any doubts you can reach up specifically for group discussion I would be.

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