Karela Karela In English Bitter Gourd Benefits

Karela in English Benefits of karela:

Hi, friends today in this post I am going to share Bottle gourd or karela benefits.

Benefits of karela:

It is very beneficial for health. Basically it contains antioxidants which is really very good for skin and health. Karela also contains vitamins such as Vit A, Vit B6, and Vit C.

Bitter gourd is a blood purifier that leads to clear skin. It prevents the problems occurs from impure blood such as blood boils, ringworm, psoriasis, itching, and fungal diseases.

If anyone already suffering from the above problems then take the mix of both karela and lemon juice. Before you take the combination of bitter gourd and lemon juice once consult with your doctor.

If you are suffering from pimple or acne, inflammation problems it is very good.

For diabetic’s patients:

It also helps diabetic patients too. The patient who is suffering from a type-2 type of diabetic is use full. It contains chemicals like plant insulin which lowers the blood sugar level. Karela is best as it contains more vitamins and minerals. So it prevents further complications.

Bitter gourd:

Karela also helps with cholesterol problems. It is good for weight loss and anti-aging.

I knew it is bitter but bitter items are very good for health. Karela contains sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

For better results take karela juice daily in the morning before breakfast. If you are previously taking treatment of any disease then please take suggestions from your doctor. Then the doctor suggests the timing and how much quantity you should take.

As it is fiber-rich gives relaxation from constipation and also prevents toxins in the stomach.

Bitter gourd benefits:

Karela contains very few calories in 100grm of karela just nearly 17 calories are present. The person who wants to weight loss can take the juice of bitter gourd as a diet.

This helps to normalize body fat. The antioxidants of bitter gourd make the body clean, and also improves the metabolism and digestive system. So, that we can lose weight very fast.

It also makes our immune system strong and helps to fight against the infections. The presence of Vit A is beneficial for our eyes.


It has the anti-cancer properties which help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in our body. It is good for a disease like leukemia.

Having the karela juice in our diet can increase the production of RBCs in the blood.

Bitter gourd helps to kidney and bladder healthy. It is very useful for the patient who has a stone in their kidney.

It is good for the heart as it lowers the bad cholesterol levels. This prevents heart attacks.


The people who are suffering from cholera (a bacterial disease of the small intestine) take the 2 tablespoons of bitter gourd juice, 2 tablespoons of white onion juice, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, till you get to recover from the disease.

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