Key to success: These bad habits become a hindrance in education and career, stay away from them

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that the success of life lies in good qualities. That is, for those who adopt good and noble qualities, no goal is difficult for them. They always get success.

laziness- If scholars believe, a person who works hard should stay away from laziness. Laziness is a hindrance to success. Due to laziness, the person is not able to take full advantage of the opportunities, and the rivals overtake. Such people have to suffer a lot later.

wasting time- wasting time is not a good habit. This is a bad habit. Time should be used properly. Time is very precious. One should understand the usefulness of time for education and career building and should know the importance of time.

intoxication- According to scholars one should not do intoxication etc. This is one of the worst habits. Bad habits attract more in youth. So be careful. Intoxication has a bad effect on health as well as on the mind and brain. This habit harms education and career the most. Therefore one should not take any kind of intoxication. 

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