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In Disha’s house

Sunny comes home. Arya greets them.

“ how come u guys are back so soon? How was the party? How is Aryan and Shahana? What about Ranbhir, Rhea?” asks Kiara.

Hearing Rhea’s name makes Sunny sad. He remembers Rhea’s confession. He leaves from there without answering anything. Disha also leaves from there confusing Kiara.

In Aryan’s room

“ I knew that u and bhai are brothers…. but ur mother…. ” Shahana gets interrupted by Aryan.

“ what? U knew me and bhai are brothers? how?” asks a surprised Aryan.

“ bhai told me that he is Purab paapa’s son. From that I understood. But … I know ur mother is not good… but… bhai also never lies. He will never accuse someone innocent. We don’t know the entire truth. So what are u planning to do?” asks Shahana.

“ I want to bring the truth out. I want to know what exactly happened. I want u to help me.” saying this Aryan holds Shahana’s hand to which she reciprocates and agrees to help him.

“ so, where to begin?”asks Shahana.

“ I will appoint a private investigator to know what happened in my father’s life before I was born.  But some matters might be very personal. And those matters must be known only to the family members, so I want u to ask Sunny bhai without taking out my name and just ask casually. I don’t want anyone to know about this until I find the entire truth. ”

On the road

Rhea is reminiscing everything happened. She comes to a place and shouts “noooo…..”.

Rhea’s pov

“ why does this always happen to me? why am I the one always to be blamed? Why Prachi gets everything? How come I lose every time?” Saying this she starts crying.

Some hooglians come there. They see her crying. They come there shouting.

“ Hey, who are u?” saying this Rhea tries to escape but they surround her. It gets difficult for her to escape. They try to lay their hands on her. She pushes one of them and runs away. But they surround her once again. They try to misbehave with her . Rhea closes her eyes as she gets scared. The next thing she hears is a “ THUD.” She opens her eyes and sees Ishaan who is beating the hooglians back and blue. After he finishes fighting, Rhea hugs him and cries. She thanks him and hugs him more tightly. Ishaan tries to reciprocate to the hug but remembers Rhea’s deeds and controls himself.

“ Rhea…” says Ishaan as low as possible.

Rhea understands what she was doing and breaks their hug.

“ I am sorry, I was scared, so I hugged. I was impulsive , sorry.” Saying this Rhea looks into Ishaan’s eyes for the first time after all her deeds got exposed. But he doesn’t look at her. His ignorant eyes cause her much pain. She gulps her pain.

“ well, I will leave.” Saying this Rhea was about to leave but Ishaan holds her hand.

“ it’s not safe for u to go alone at this time. Come, I will drop you at Mehra mansion.” Saying this he pulls her a little but Rhea doesn’t move.

Ishaan turns and sees Rhea.

“ come…” says Ishaan.

“ I don’t want to go home.” Says Rhea.

“ what? Then where u want to go?” asks Ishaan.

“ I don’t know but not home. I just feel….” Ishaan interrupts her talk.

“ suffocated?” asks Ishaan.

Rhea looks at him that how did he understand what she was about to say.

“ I understand u don’t wanna go but ur family might be tensed sooo…..” tells Ishaan but Rhea doesn’t listen to him.

“ okay, come with me. I will take u to a place.” Tells Ishaan.

Rhea takes off her hand from his clutches.

“ no, I won’t come with you. U will take me home. ” saying this she runs away from there.

“ wait, u stupid girl, why are u so stubborn?” saying this Ishaan runs behind her.

He stops her and lifts her and put her on his shoulder and forces her to sit in the car but still Rhea doesn’t listen.

“ SHUT UP.”shouts Ishaan scaring Rhea. She speaks no more.

In Prachi’s room

Ranbhir gives Prachi a glass of water. She denies but drinks as Ranbhir insists. He sits beside her and holds her hand. He could see tears flowing from her eyes. He feels hurt and wipes them.

“ I am sorry.” Says Prachi.

“ for what ?” asks Ranbhir.

“ for many things. For hurting you, for misunderstanding you, for leaving you, for not listening to u…..” Ranbhir places his finger on her lips making her to stop talking.

“ it’s fine. ” says Ranbhir for which she smiles at him.

“ ok, so now u know that u have done so many wrong things with me? don’t u think u should make it up for everything?” asks Ranbhir.

“ but u forgived me. then…” Prachi gets interrupted by Ranbhir.

“ well, I didn’t forgive u, duffer. I said it’s fine and I didn’t complete the sentence as I wanted to see u smile more. I will forgive u if  u fulfill some of my wishes #my bucketlist.”says Ranbhir.

“ bucket list? U made one? ” asks an excited Prachi.

“ s, things I wanted to do with you. Don’t worry, it’s not too long. We will start from tomorrow morning. Okay,chikchiki?” asks Ranbhir.

“ as u say, Baklu.” Saying this they smile at each other.

Ishaan brings Rhea to some park sort of a place. He sees her face which is completely moist, eyes red. He asks her to get down. They get down.

“ where did u bring me?”asks Rhea.

“ this is a place where I find solace whenever I am disturbed and feel hurt. And I get my mind back whenever I lose it a bit which u are in need of right now.” Tells Ishaan.

“ what? I know u are also Prachi’s friend….”  Rhea stops talking as Ishaan takes her inside forcefully leading her to stop talking.

“ why are steps here? Oh my god I can’t see anything. It’s dark. Listen, I said I don’t want to go home but I don’t think I ever said I wanted to go into a forest at night. ” Rhea gets interrupted once again.

“ stop talking, keep moving.” Says Ishaan making Rhea shut her mouth.

After they climb Rhea gets tired.

“ why is it so dark over here?” as soon as Rhea says this Ishaan lights a lantern. He lights many so that it will not be much dark.

She gets surprised finding herself in a tree house. She smiles making Ishaan also smile.

“ drink it, ” saying this Ishaan gives her beer.

“ just what I wanted. But how did u know that I drink?” asks Rhea.

“ Prachi once told me that her sister drinks, but I always thought it was Shahana but tdoay I understood that it’s u.” says Ishaan.

Hearing Prachi’s name Rhea’s smile vanishes which Ishaan observs.

“ cheers ..” both Rhea and Ishaan say in unison. They drink.

“ so, all that was true? U really did conspire against your sister?” asks Ishaan.

“hmm. Yes. I am so evil right?” asks Rhea and drinks.

“ no, I think u are quite good. I think u are stubborn and bad but not evil. So, u loved Ranbhir and he and Prachi loved each other?” asks Ishaan. He finds Rhea completely drunk.

“ nooo, yes…., I loved Ranbhir but doesn’t love him anymore. I conspired everything against Prachi . I felt  bad couple of time,s but always used to think that I have the right to be happy, so I will do everything to make sure I am happy, but when I found  Prachi is my sister, I felt bad for everything I did with her. I even wanted to accept her. ” says Rhea. A tear rolls down her eyes. Ishaan observs this. She wipes off her tears and drinks again.

“ but when I learnt that Ranbhir loves her not me, I couldn’t digest it. Since my birth, the way my father treats me, he has never treated anyone. When he treated Prachi very nicely, I felt insecure. On top of it, Ranbhir loving her, everyone praising her and most of all my mother choosing her over me, I was just drowned by emotions. I couldn’t think straight. So, I accused her everything she hasn’t done. when I couldn’t succeed in making Ranbhir love me I asked her to leave thinking that after she felt Ranbhir will love me. Now tell me, aren’t I evil? ” asks Rhea.

“ so, u never felt bad about what u have done?” asks Ishaan.

Rhea remembers how she used to cry everyday after Prachi’s death thinking that she killed her sister and used to feel sorry for Prachi.

“ I used to cry everyday after we thought Prachi was dead. I always regretted why did I ask her to leave. At the same time, I was scared that my parents will leave me if she was there. I always justified my actions convincing myself that Prachi always snatches my happiness but the truth is my sister is a very nice girl just like my mother. But I know no one will believe me now, even if say I am regretting for whatever I have done? Everyone hates me. u also hate me, right?” asks Rhea placing her hands on his shoulder.

“ u are drunk, Rhea. ” saying this he takes off the beer bottle from her hands.

“ I know what I have done is wrong, unforgivable, will I ever be forgiven? Am I worthy of that?” asks Rhea. Asking this she gets drowsy and sleeps. He makes her sleep on the floor. He understands that Rhea’s behaviour is because of her insecurities and theses insecurities has been provoked by someone leading her to become bad. He looks at her and sleeps beside her.


Author’s note: Next episode will be posted on Aug 15.

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