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In the Mehra Mansion
Rhea reaches home and as soon she enters in she finds Pragya waiting for her. .
Pragya – Rhea! Why are you wearing jacket.. It’s too hot today.
Rhea – Wo.. Woh mom Dimpy gifted me this so I thought that it will be good if I wear it.
Pragya – Yaa it will be good if you wear it but not now…. It’s too hot and then you will get fever.
Rhea – No mom.. Let me wear it!
Pragya gets suspicious.. She was about to ask her something but then Abhi arrives.
Abhi – Hey princess! You are looking cool in this jacket.
Rhea – Thanks dad! Just see mom she is asking me to remove it.
Abhi – Why Pragya… what’s the problem in it?
Pragya – There is no problem but I am saying that it’s very hot and if she’ll wear it then she will get fever.
Abhi – Right!
Rhea – Dad!
Abhi – But there is no harm in wearing this jacket because our Rhea is a strong girl and when I am there then no fever or shiver can touch her.
Rhea – Yees dad!
She hugs Abhi.. Pragya gets happy on seeing both of them. By mistake Abhi touches Rhea’s wound.
Rhea – Ouchh!
Abhi and Pragya start looking at her and order her to remove the jacket.
Abhi – Rhea… What happened why did you scream … Just open the jacket.
Rhea (stammering)- Nothing dad… It just came out of my mouth.
Pragya – If nothing happened then why are you stammering and just see yourself you are sweating… Something is wrong, just remove your jacket.
Rhea – Mom & Dad..
Abhi & Pragya (ordering)- We said just remove it!
Rhea reluctantly removes her jacket and closes her eyes as she was not ready to face Abhi & Pragya’s anger.
Abhigya get shocked on seeing Rhea’s wound.
Abhi – Rhea! What happened… How did you get hurt?
Pragya makes her sit on the couch and hugs her.
Rhea – Mom, dad just a small wound.
Pragya – Small wound! Just see it.. And why were you hiding this from us, we are your parents. And first tell how it happened?
Rhea’s POV
If I will tell the truth then they will never allow me to go out… How can I tell them that this all happened becoz of my carelessness and I would hv been dead if di was not there. Then they will keep me locked in my room and will never allow me to go out…but it will be very wrong if I hide the truth from them , they trust me so much.
Pragya jolts Rhea as she doesn’t response..
Pragya – Tell Rhea!
Rhea – Wo.. Actually mom (she describes the whole incident to them and also tells them about the girl who saved her).
Abhi – Tell me who did it?
Rhea – Dad I don’t know who did it… I was not able to see the face.
Abhi – If I will get that person I will teach him properly how to drive a car on road.
Pragya – But why were you hiding this from us?
Rhea – Mom.. I thought that if I will tell both of you about it then you will ban my outgoing.. So I thought to hide it.
Pragya – Now that’s for sure that you are not going anywhere !
Rhea – But mom! … Dad pls say her something.
Abhi – What should I say Rhea, she is right …
Rhea – That’s why… that’s why I was not telling you people anything I was knowing that this will happen!
Pragya & Abhi ( laughing) – Just see yourself Rhea! We were joking…
Rhea – What?
Abhi & Pragya – Listen Rhea we are your parents not your owner! You have many things to see in life… And this age is the best to experience new things, you want to go anywhere, you can go but always remember if you get hurt your parents also get hurt.. If you feel pain we also feel the same pain, so just take care of yourself. And always remember we are there to guide you not to rule you. So beta share everything with your parents we will definitely support you if you are right. And we love you very much we will always do what makes you happy.
Rhea gets emotional and hugs both of them.
Rhea – You both are the best mom and dad of this world.. I love you and sorry.
Pragya & Abhi – Sorry, for what?
Rhea – Firstly for hiding the truth and secondly for misunderstanding both of you.
Abhigya – Rhea.. It’s okay we know that as a child you are afraid of your parents and you don’t want to get punished so you hid this from us.. We can understand!
Rhea hugs them again.
While In Aryan’s Room
Aryan was continuously thinking about the pictures which he saw… His mind was full of them . He gets a call and goes to meet the person…. After some time he reaches the spot.
Aryan – Did you find who she is?
The man – According to the information I have found her name is Disha Singh.
Aryan – Disha Singh… And what about the boy with her?
The man – No info was available, maybe he is her son.
Aryan gets furious on hearing that and goes near his car.
Aryan (to himself) – I will not allow any Disha or Nisha to ruin my mom’s life. And dad how can he do this to mom, it’s disgusting. Just leave Aryan very soon I will solve this mystery.. Let me hv something I am very hungry. He goes to the restaurant.
In the restaurant Kiara was also there.
Aryan orders food for himself…. Kiara was sitting on the table next to Aryan, she was drinking cold coffee.
After sometime Kiara gets up and was about to leave when suddenly someone snatches Kiara’s bag and pushes her…. She falls down.
Kiara – Wait you thief….. Ohh god.. Someone catch him.
Kiara stands and starts running while Aryan chases the thief… After some time he catches the thief and beats him and takes Kiara’s bag from him. Kiara reaches there stops Aryan from beating him and starts scolding the thief.
Kiara – You.. You idiot don’t you know stealing is a crime.. Just see yourself you are so young but still stealing… what if your girlfriend gets to know about your this deed.
The thief – Sorry ma’am.. But don’t make fun of me, I don’t have any girlfriend.
Kiara places her hand on his shoulder.
Kiara – Dude, right now you don’t have but in future I am sure that you will definitely have, you are young and handsome..And if you are not able to do so just come to me I will help you…don’t worry dude I am like your sister. And just tell me the reason why did you steal my bag?
The thief – Ma’am I have not eaten anything since a week
Kiara (feels sympathetic, she takes out a 500 hundred rupee note from her bag) – Well right now I can only give you this much. Go and have food and do not steal.
Kiara turns around and sees Aryan who was continuously starring at her.
Aryan – He was a thief!
Kiara – I know that.
Aryan – You were acting like he is your brother!
Kiara – Dude, firstly he was a human and then a young – handsome man so how can I ruin his life…. This age is to enjoy life so let him and see he has promised me that he will not steal.
Aryan – That’s okay, but how do you know that he will not steal?
Kiara – Well , I guess he will not steal for his future wife or girlfriend. Love is something that makes everything possible.
Aryan – Right!
Kiara – Well now I need to catch taxi so good bye.
Aryan- Where are you going?
Kiara – Hmm..(she takes the name of some place)
Aryan – Ohh.. What a coincidence I am also going in that direction!
Kiara – So.. Can we hit a ride?
Aryan- Of course!
Aryan and Kiara sit in the car… They have a fun talk and ride… After some time they reach the place. Kiara gets out of the car.
Kiara – Thank you so much for dropping me … Friends
Aryan (happily) – Friends ! Dude you are like my sister.. (He mimics Kiara)
Kiara – Okay so bro and sis.
They both shake their hands .. Kiara leaves the place while Aryan drives to Mehra Mansion.
Aryan’s POV
Wow! It was fun experience she was so nice ,bubbly like Shahana ,caring like Prachi and cool like Rhea. She was amazing… If they Shahana and Prachi were with us it would be very nice….

After some time he reaches the Mehra Mansion and enters in.

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