Know how religion and science connect for health in Sawan

Sawan 2021 : Sanatan Dharma does not just run by faith, belief, beliefs, scientific logic also plays an important role in it, that is, only the things heard were not followed in it, many of the beliefs followed. There are also strong facts behind, which science also believes. 

One of the few such beliefs is that things are prohibited for eating during Sawan. Using them can cause you many physical problems in this season. All these substances were associated with purification and impurity in such a way that even people belonging to Sanatan Dharma could not consume them.

1. According to religious beliefs, green leafy vegetables should not be eaten at all in Sawan. They increase Vata in the body. Talking about weather and scientific reasons, these days they contain bacteria and insects, even by mistake their presence in the food will spoil the health. 
2. It is also forbidden to eat brinjal in Sawan, it is considered impure and just think that in the rainy season insects are also more in it. 
3. It is also advised not to eat milk products like curd, paneer in the month of Sawan, the consumption of this product and curry increases Vata. Dairy products are prone to fungus due to moisture, which can have adverse health effects. 
4. It is also advised not to use non-vegetarian food in Sawan. According to the science behind this, the increase in moisture in the rain affects digestion. The body consumes more energy in digesting meat. Which has an effect on health. 
5. Due to religious belief, it has been told to abstain from eating vengeful things like garlic, onion. According to Ayurveda, it increases the tendency of heat in the body, due to which problems like anger, stress etc. arise.

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