Know the diagnosis of short life yoga in Sawan, Thursday fasting is a boon of health

Sawan 2021 : The benefit of fasting on Thursday in the month of Sawan is very auspicious. But before doing it, it is important to know who it is for and what is its method. Actually Thursday is the day of Jupiter, this day is the day of Brahma and Jupiter. In such a situation, if there is a Jupiter in 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th house in someone’s horoscope, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, Pisces, then you can keep fast on Shravan Thursday.

There is a short life or life line in the horoscope. If you are weak then you should take the remedy of Guru by keeping fast on Thursday, Guru only will give long life. Even if Jupiter is with enemy planet, this fast will give benefits. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope and is with Venus, Mercury or Rahu, then Thursday fasting is necessary, because it is from Jupiter that luck awakens. Shravan Thursday fast will be beneficial even if there is difficulty in marriage or married life is not happy. If there is failure at every turn in life or there is no happiness, then Thursday fast will give complete results. For any kind of wish, fasting on 11th Thursday from the month of Shravan will be very beneficial.

Thursday’s remedy 
Incense lamp should be given in the house by applying tilak of white sandalwood, turmeric. It removes domestic discord, stress and insomnia. If your guru is inauspicious or weak, then offer water to peepal, consume yellow things and burn camphor in the morning and evening. 

Know the sign of a bad Guru in this way 
Jupiter is weak due to Pitru Dosh. The hair on the head starts flying. There is pain in the eyes and snakes start appearing in the dream. Some people get sore throat and lung disease. Even the education of youth starts getting affected.

Prohibition on Thursday  
No body hair should be cut on this day, if possible avoid shaving. Doing this will hinder the happiness of children. Do not travel in South, East, South. If possible, do not eat salt, milk and banana are also prohibited. Laundry and mopping are prohibited.

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