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In the morning Aayush is writing in the lawn, Sonaskhi sees him from behind, she calls him mentioning she has something to show him, she asks if he knows what it is, he doesnot know, she mentions her father also used to bring such puzzles for her when she was young so they can solve it together, she enjoys solving it with him while he is also laughing, she is just day dreaming so going to Aayush mentions that it is for him, he is stunned so she asks if he did not like the gift, he ask for permission to complete his drawing, she tries to interact asking what did he do in his free time but he doesnot say anything, she turns and is worried about how she would interact with him.

Bojay is with Ishwari, she exclaims that she is really glad he came to meet his grandson as it is visible from his eyes, Ishwari mentions that he has just fallen asleep and was playing, Bojay replies that he will not leave until after meeting him, Mami brings sweets and Ishwari presenting it to Bojay asks him to eat as it is for the happiness which they have gotten after finding their son, he and his family even after standing outside the OPD did not know if their daughter in law gave birth to a son or daughter, Bojay replies that they were still standing outside but were not like the Dixit family who did not even come to the hospital, Mami replies they would have come but Sonakshi left without telling them about their pregnancy otherwise they would have a son, Bojay replies he did not know that they also desired a son just like the Verma family, Ishwari replies that she doesnot have any complained with Soha, she was giving the love of the entire family, but Aayush also has some right over the love which Sonakshi bestowed Soha with, Bojay replies if they have forgotten the peace which came into their house because of Soha, Ishwari mentions they are aware, he must not forget the still have a grandchild in their house, Shub but they did not know that Aayush their blood, Sonakshi must correct her mistake, mami replies Ishwari is showing her complete affection to Aayush as she thinks that he is just as Dev even when she asked her to get the DNA test but she believes that Aayush is their grandchild.

Bojay sees Dev coming, who comes to take his blessings, he gives Dev the blessing to get some mental health, Ishwari asks what sort of praise is this when Bojay says they do not have any financial problem but he gave the blessing of what was missing, Bojay mentions they should not be emotional and work according to the laws, as they should get the rights to custody which still reside with the Verma family, Mami agrees with Bojay, he explains they should not work on emotions but follow the procedure, Dev agrees with him, agreeing to talk with the lawyer today and present the case, Ishwari exclaims then he would legally be her Grandchild and the son of Dev, Aayush Dev Dixit, Bojay explains it would happen but before that he needs to talk with Dev.

Dev asks if Sonakshi told him everything, Bojay asks why he is surprised because a child always discusses the entire problems with their parents, Dev questions if he doesnot think that after certain time the children should work to finding the solutions by their own strength, Bojay asks why should it be so when he knows a boy who always sits in his mothers lap for the solution to any domestic problem, adding that it is right to discuss the problems with their parents, he questions why does Dev want different rules for a boy and girl, Dev mentions it is not about a boy and girl but all households have some rules which need to be followed, Bojay getting mad asks when would they change their thinking that a girl has her own thinking and they should treat her with respect, he mentions it can ruin everything that they have built including their relation.

Bojay in anger mentions that she should be heard as her fear for Soha is true, she is being emotionally blackmailed and instead of understanding her fears they are forcing her to bind int eh relations, Dev asks what sort of talk is this as does he thinks he is not a good husband and not knows his duty, Bojay looks at him in anger, Mami brings Aayush to them, advising him to thank him as he brought all those gifts for him, Aayush thanks him, he taking the hand of Aayush asks if they can get to know eachoithers since he is his Grandfather. Dev is really frustrated with what Bojay has said.

Soha and Gollu both are really excited seeing the gifts, they exclaim that their Grandfather is the best as he brings really good gifts, Sonakshi is really happy to see them playing, she goes to Aayush asking what flavour of ice cream does he like, he takes the chocolate, Soha and Gollu come, she also demands the chocolate which worries Sonakshi, she asks why does she want the chocolate when she prefers to eat Vanilla, Soha demands it from Aayush, Ishwari coming asks Soha what sort of behavior is this, she advises Sonakshi to be careful and always bring the same flavour for all the children, Aayush accidentally drops his ice cream, Soha and Gollu both start making fun of him. Soha says it is called Karma, he should now enjoy, Soha takes the ice cream from Sonakshi when Ishwari asks her to give it to Aayush but she doesnot agree, Ishwari gets worried then Sonakshi takes it forcefully and gives it to Aayush, seeing which Soha rushes inside the house.

Soha goes to Dev asking him to buy her an ice cream because even Sonakshi did not take care of her, even Dadi scolded her, Dev asks her to go and wait in her room, he ends the call while Sonakshi is looking angrily at him and she asks what is this way to talk with a child, he asks what is wrong with him when he always tries to do each and everything for the family yet she still she went to her father, Sonakshi replies that she needs to talk with someone who always stands with her no matter the situation. She leaves in anger saying that he doesnot even have time for her.

Soha is crying on the stairs, Sonakshi comes asking what is wrong with her as she is her best daughter, Soha replies everyone has changed and even Dad scolded her a lot, she also gave her ice cream to Aayush, Sonakshi mentions it is because she taught her how to treat the guests who come to their house, just like when one time Gollu came and ruined his toys, she gave her toys to him and so she must also think the same of Aayush, Soha however says that they are changing but Sonakshi replies that she must go to her room because gollu would be waiting for her, Ishwari comes asking why is she saying Aayush is a guest when in reality she being the daughter of the house is the guest, Ishwari replies that their time was best when their parents either used to scold them or would slap them, Sonakshi thinks that Soha has lost has entire world but she wants her to slap Soha.

Sonakshi is sitting on the swing in the night, Dev comes apologizing to her for all that happened accepting he was really angry, he makes her eat the dish asking what does she want to say but is not able to, she asks what was the need to complain with her father, Sonakshi says she feels everything that is going in the house is a little shaky as either he has a lot of workload from his office or from the house, he asks her to not be worried as he can manage everything, but what help does she needs from him, Sonakshi mentions what he is doing now is enough, Dev jokes saying she could have said it before, he gets a call and asks the person to be prepared, she questions what happened, he leaves without telling her, she remembers when he revealed his entire life to her thinking that there was once a time when they would share everything but now it seems really far away.

Precap: Dev asks Sonakshi to be ready, he has talked with his lawyer who advised that they would have to take the legal custody from the Grandparents of Aayush. Gollu asks Aayush to hide while Soha would find them, they both lock Aayush in the store, he calls them to open the door

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