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In the morning Sonakshi enters with the clothes, she comes out after changing them, Dev exclaims he told this would look on her, she asks if he is praising himself, she tries to leave when he takes her dupatta then pulls her closer, they both share a romantic moment together, Sonakshi opens her eyes realizing she is just day dreaming, she taking her purse opens the door to find Aayush standing there, she asks what does he need, he asks for Dev but she says he is not in the room and he can tell her what he needs but he rushes out, Dev is looking at the files, Aayush asks when Dev promised to take him to meet his grandparents so when would he take him, Dev mentions that it is not possible today since he has a meeting, he hugs Aayush when Sonakshi comes, he calls for Soha when Sonakshi mentions she is angry since he scolded her, he replies this is not fair as if he has the right to praise her then why not scold her, Soha comes, she stands without talking, Dev immediately makes her laugh asking if he can drop her off to school. She demands an ice cream to which he agrees, she also asks for a box and then runs off saying that the one who comes last is the loser, Sonakshi thinks if he is so easily attached with his children then why not her.

Mama jee asks where are her kachori, Mami jee asks Ishwari to give her the recipe of Kachori as it reminds her off their house, she is shocked to see Mama jee with so much jalebe saying he would get dabates, he corrects her saying it is diabetes, he mentions nothing would happen from eating the jalebe made from his sisters hands, she mentions she has made everything for Aayush, she goes to him asking why he is not having anything to eat but he says that he doesnot want it, Sonakshi ties to reason with her saying they must not force him since he is a child, Mami jee asks her to have some jalebe as it is really delicious, Ishwari asks what is she talking about because Sonakshi doesnot eat the fried things, Sonakshi asks if he would like veg sandwich, they both prepare it seeing which the entire family is really happy, after finishing the sandwich she realizes she forgot the cheese, she goes to the kitchen but entering their sees the lunch box of Soha, Sonakshi asks Maa why did she not give it to her, Ishwari replies she forgot it seeing which Sonakshi gets tensed, she prepares it saying she would leave to give it to her, Ishwari asks her to call the school but Sonakshi replies Soha already thinks she is being left out and this would cement her thoughts, she leaves which worries Aayush who draws a hurt face on the sandwich.

Dev reaches the location asking what has happened when the locals come their saying it is off no use since they have been living they’re for ages, Dev says that they all are illegal settlers, one of them hits Dev with a rock, he getting mad starts slapping him, Sonakshi gets worried seeing how he reacted, she is left confused wondering why is he reacting this way.

Nikki is texting one of her followers, Vijay comes to sit with her asking what is she doing, Gollu calls his father asking him to hurry, he asks Nikki to control him since she is always busy in her work, Nikki replies she was talking to her sponsor about the nail art, he questions how much they are offering, she says twenty five k, he is shocked, asks her to not use K since it ruins the value, he leaves with Gollu worrying Nikki who exclaims it is always about money.

Dev reaches the office, his lawyer asks how he got the injury, dev says it was an accident questioning did he find any way to get the custody of Aayush, the lawyer mentions their case is really strong but the legal custody still lies with the Grandparents of Aayush, Dev says they have to convince the Grandparents and it would not be an easy task, but he would do all he can to get the custody of Aayush.

In the night Sonakshi is checking the temperature when Ishwari asks if he has any fever, Sonakshi is relieved saying she was stressed when his body was warn, Ishwari replies that a women has to be strong, Dev comes asking what happened, Ishwari turns questioning what happened to him, he assures that it is nothing but she asks Sonakshi to go and get the medicine, Sonakshi replies that a women can be strong but when it comes to her own child she is not loving, she agrees but Dev says that he would drink the herbal treatment which she makes, Ishwari leaves to prepare it, Sonakshi asks why did he get so rude as she heard him talking but he was never so rude and did not put anyone in harms way to prove his point, Dev asks her to not interfere in his matters, she agrees so takes Shub with her.

Sonakshi brings the chocolate for both Aayush and gollu while they are playing with her brother, she is tensed when he questions what happened, she mentions that Sonakshi is not understanding he love which she needs to show towards Aayush, Bijoy explains the bond between a mother and her child is un parallel, she explains she has four children so doesnot need to taught about relations, Bijoy replies her situation was different form that of Sonakshi since after giving birth she did not see Aayush for more than eight years which is a lot, and even he has lost his father, the only thing which they need to do is give them time, Ishwari is tensed.
In the morning Dev is on the call confirming about the meeting, he thinks he would not be able to get Aayush admitted in Sohana’s school so shows it to Sonakshi, she even shows him the file but he places it at her bag, she reads it but then thinks he would not be able to fulfil it as the product launch is more important so places it in Dev’s bag, he leaves without hearing to what she has to say.

Dev is with Mr Verma, who brings a cheque mentioning that it was from Rohit’s life insurance and they desire that he spend it on the schooling of Aayush, Dev refuses to take the money saying that he has ample resources so can take care of Aayush, he is after all his son so they should keep the money and spend it on themselves, Mr Verma mentions that it is good that they have other children as well since now Aayush would be happy, Dev thinks how Aayush is scared, he explains that he is indeed really happy.

Gollu and Soha are playing in the house, she sees Aayush going to sit on the swing, Soha explains they should play a game, they both ask Aayush if he would play hide and seek with them, Soha asks if he doesnot like to play, he stands exclaiming he likes, Gollu takes him while Soha would find them, he sends Aayush into the store before locking him, they leave, Aayush calls them to open the door as he is feeling scared.

Precap: Aayush from the store calls to open the door, Dev is exercising when Sonakshi brings a board game, she asks him to come as they would all play it together, he asks her to firs teach them how to live together asking if she even knows what is going on in the house, Sonakshi is tesned.

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