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Aayush starts banging on the door pleading with them to open the door, he calls Sohana exclaiming he is getting scared, he steps back when they do not open the door, he even steps on something but is really scared.

Dev explains that Sohana and Aayush were born at the same time and were exchanged at the time of birth, this is why in every document of Aayush his parents name is Rohit and minhal, so they cannot keep Aayush with them until, Mr Verma explains they have to do some paperwork, Aayush’s grandmother asks what do they have to do, Dev replies they would need their sign because after Rohit and Minhal, they both are the legal guardians so if they sign then they would become his legal guardians.

Sohana and gollu are standing when mami jee walks by them asking if they heard the sound of Aayush, they both rush off saying that they don’t know but Mami jee feels she heard the voice and so tries searching for it, she hears some voice from the storeroom so calls Ishwari, she comes and after hearing the voice she opens the door, Aayush immediately hugs her, she asks why is he scared and who locked him in the store, he replies there is a snake, but Ishwari sees the rope and informs him there is nothing to worry about, Aayush replies he felt like it was snake in the dark.

Dev assures them he would not have asked for it If it was not related to the future of Aayush, his grandmother explains that the entire family has dispersed and Minhal and Rohit have died, now even Aayush is leaving them, they both request some time from Dev to think it through because it is really sudden for them.

Ishwari and Mami are with Aayush, they bring water for him and even give him a book to read, Ishwari asks Bhabhi to be with him while she talks with Sohana, Ishwari walking down the stairs calls Sohana, she comes with Gollu, Ishwari questions them both asking who locked Aayush in the store, they both say they do not know, Ishwari is not convinced asking how could he have locked himself from the outside, Gollu replies it might be because of some ghost, Ishwari holds Soha close asking her to answer what she is asking, Soha replies she is listening to Aayush as he is her favorite, Ishwari gets mad so questions her, she leaves crying.
Sonakshi walks inside the house with Bojay, she thanks him for his help with the vaccination, he replies that he is always their for her but Dev should have been with his children, Sonakshi replies that he also has to take care of Aayush and even went to talk with the Grandparents of Aayush for his legal custody, Bojay replies that he had lost all hope from Dev, Sonakshi however takes side of Dev explaining he doesnot let go of his good deeds, she gets scared sometimes when he is angry but is really hopeful, Bojay exclaims what can he do if she has chosen such a husband for her, Sonakshi signals him to not say such things in front of her son.

Dev reaches the room, Sonakshi hugs him explaining that Dadi has scolded her a lot, she was playing hide and seek with Aayush and Gollu, when Aayush got locked in the store and Dadi is blaming that she locked him their when she did not, Ishwari comes saying she has started talking, Ishwari replies that she was playing and locked Aayush from the outside, Soha refuses to accept that she did anything, Dev asks her to speak the truth saying he would talk with her after consulting with her mother. Ishwari asks him to take care of Soha as she has not been a good child because of the care which Sonakshi shows her, Dev mentions he would have to talk with Soha as parents, Ishwari tries to explain saying that Sonakshi cannot handle Soha and he must do something to correct her attitude.

Vicky is looking in the bags, Alena comes asking since when did he start shopping for her, Vicky replies it is not for her but he was looking for himself however he now feels it was a mistake, Alena mentions this is all for branding as if they are able to do good branding hen it would mean more promotions and a lot more business, Vicky says that it is not that but Alena keeps everything for herself, he feels like he and Gollu do not matter in her life anymore, Alena thinks that when because of the business she is able to fulfil their needs then it is nothing wrong, he gets mad when she does something for herself.
Alena sits when she gets a text from someone who questions why she has not posted anything and even says he would make her feel like a princess who doesnot have to feel worried, she agrees to meeting him tomorrow, Alena thinks it would be nice to see who the person actually is.

Dev is working out when Sonakshi comes explaining that her day was really hectic and she even got Shub vaccinated and has even brought board game for Aayush and Sohana so they would play it together, she asks him to get up, he standing asks her to make then first feel the need to live together, does she know what is happening as Soha locked Aayush in the store and Maa opened the door of the store, this is why Maa had to scold her, Sonakshi asks why does Maa not understand that Soha is already feeling left out after Aayush arrived, Dev asks if she is understanding what he is saying, he is relaxed that everything would be fine when they both go to the same school, he asks if she had taken care of the admission of Aayush, she replies she placed them in his bag. He asks why she cannot even do one thing; she expects him to take care of Soha and mend the relation with Aayush while also working to keep the family strong, he leaves in anger, Sonakshi wonders why the father gets the credit of everything good and the mother is blamed for the wrong habits of the children.

Dev coming into the room of Soha sits beside her saying that she must not be worried since she would always remain his princess and must not remain insecure, he would always be with her, he even goes to Aayush who is sleeping.

Dev is massaging the feet of Ishwari, she asks if he talked with Sonakshi about the actions of Soha, he explained he has and when she questions what did Sonakshi say, he replies it would take some time since everything is new for the entire family, he explains he went to meet the grandparents of Aayush, she asks what did they say, he replies that he went to ask for the custody of Aayush, Ishwari is eager to know what they have said, he mentions they have asked for some time to think, she is worried but he replies there is nothing to worry since they have promised that Dev would be responsible for the bringing of Aayush, Ishwari is relaxed, Dev asks her to not worry as he will take care of everything, Ishwari replies he is the only one she believes in, he requests her to make the pudding for her, she agrees mentioning that Sonakshi would then say it is really fatty, he replies she should only cook it for him.

Dev sitting in his room, think Ishwari said she trusts him but he doesnot know how he would do it all but has to, he is tensed, Sonakshi coming from behind asks what the matter is, questioning if he is okay, he holding her hand explains his lifeline Sonakshi is not with him so he is not okay, Sonakshi assures him she would always be with him, she has tried to talk with Soha about what happened today, they will make sure it doesnot happen again so he doesnot have to worry.

Precap: Sonakshi asks Aayush if he likes pizza, then explain she feels like baking it but need some help asking him if he would like to accompany her. Sonakshi and Aayush are preparing the pizza, Ishwari seeing the bond says that for the relation to progress, Soha would have to go far away from this house.

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