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Dev is sitting, Sonakshi coming from behind massages his hair asking if everything is okay, he making her sit by him mentions he is not okay when his lifeline Sonakshi is not with him, Dev picking her up makes her sit on the bed, they both look into each other’s eyes when she apologizes mentioning that tomorrow is a holiday in her school so she will promise to go and meet the day after tomorrow, Dev explains that he has promised them, Sonakshi question if they have signed it, Dev replies they have lost their son so were a little shocked but they will eventually sign the papers, Sonakshi questions why are they hesitating when they themselves desired that Dev take care of Aayush, Dev mentions this is the last point which they have but she should not be worried as he will sort it out, he calls her so they both hug each other.

In the morning Dev comes out, he sees Soha playing with her toys, he asks what is his princess ding but she asks him to stop, he sitting mentions that they only get mad with those whom they love as she would not even consider talking with the outsiders, Soha mentions that she feels like an outsider ever since Aayush came as everyone is giving him a lot of attention and even Dadi cares for him while scolding her, Dev asks if she knows that Aayush’s father and mother have gone to the next world so they all are tyring to make him smile but she must never think that this means they do not love her anymore, she will always be his princess, he asks her to smile and when she smiles a little, he makes her smile a lot before hugging her.

Sonakshi enters the room wondering what has Soha done to the room, she is glad that Aayush takes care of his own bed, she sits by the side when she sees a photo of Rohit with Aayush cooking, she thanks him for taking care of her son, and even than once again thanks him for showing her an idea to connect with her son.

Sonakshi sees Aayush coming so sits down apologizing on behalf of Soha, explaining she knows Soha locked him in the store, he however asks her to not scold her, she question the reason, he mentions that he was sitting when Soha came saying he is a really sad and crying person, she then apologized to him and when he asked if she would feel nice if he forgave her, she agreed so if Sonakshi would once again scold her she will get mad, Sonakshi mentions Soha is a nice girl but she is tensed and so if eh would be nice with her she will also be one of his best friend, Aayush is about to leave, Sonakshi explains that she desired to make pizza but needed some help, she asks if he would help her.

Aayush agrees to accompany Sonakshi, she asks if he knows how to make pan pizza when he says he doesnot, she mentions they would make it, she is with him asking does he know how to shred some cheese, he says he doesnot so she teaches him, she asks if he knows how to make anything else, Aayush replies he knows how to make instant noodles which his father taught him, Sonakshi questions if he is not afraid of burning his hand, Aayush explains his father taught him how to control the fire and said he is a fast learner, Aayush turns away before starting to cry, Sonakshi explains it is okay as he is missing his father, he hugs her, they both once again start preparing the pizza, she with his help places it in the microwave oven, Mami jee while walking sees them both, she is really delighted so even calls Ishwari, who comes but after seeing them both together prays that she is relieved Sonakshi is trying to be close to her son, they both plan to not let Soha come near them as she is also in the house.

Soha turns to leave with her guitar when Ishwari stops her asking if she would not sing a song for them, Soha says she would first sing for her mother, Ishwari then insists that Soha should first sing a song for her explaining since she is the grandmother so has the right to teach her what is right and what is wrong, Soha however refuses to say anything to her, Mami jee then stops her asking if she would sing for her, Soha agrees but when she is about to leave after ending, they both ask her to practice it while witting with them since this would make it really good before she goes to Sonakshi.

Alena is in the café when the boy is staring at her, he asks if he can sit since every place else is full, she agrees to let him sit, the boy texts her that he was not able to come and they will meet some other time, Alena is glad he is not that person not knowing he is playing a game with her.

Vicky brings the dishes for both Aayush and Soha, she mentions she thought they both were for her, Vicky however replies they both should have the same impact, Ishwari sends them away to eat, she appreciates that Vicky also thought of Aayush and is considering him as a family member, Vicky questions what is she thinking about the whole situation, Ishwari replies she also wants them be a single family but ever since Aayush has come, Soha has been teasing him so if they had not kept her busy she would have thrown a tantrum seeing Sonakshi showing attention towards so it is better that Soha is not close to Sonakshi, she requests Vicky to take Soha with him as she would be with Gollu and not feel left out, Vicky agrees to call her as soon.

Jitin is in the office, Sonakshi comes and makes some changes to which Jitin agrees and she even gives him something, he opening it says she has brought the pizza while being a nutritionist, she mentions that it is healthy, he explains it is really delicious, she asks him to not give her all the credit as Aayush also helped her and she is also getting close to Dev, Sonakshi mentions that after a very long time she is feeling that the old Dev Dixit is back, she gets a call from Dev who mentions all his work has finished and Sukhi will manage the rest of the work so can they meet at their favourite café, she asks him to agree or he would have to sing, she stops him saying he must not do it since she will not come, Jitin explains it feels really nice to be able to see them having a journey to come together, she goes to the café and is waiting for Dev while he is with Sukhi who explains that it is a very big moment for them so can he be with the employees for just ten minutes, Sonakshi is waiting for Dev at the café.

Precap: Dev at the principal office says they need to get Aayush admitted to the school, she asks for his name, he says it is Ayushman Rohit Verma, while his mothers name is Minhal Verma, the principal mentions they do not have the proper documents and even he doesnot consider them as his parents so he cannot be admitted at the present moment.

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