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The doctor says that all the three confirmations were not correct, and she is not pregnant, Preeta is shocked explaining their might be some mistake as she ahs also confirmed it and she also used the pregnancy kit which has the 99.9 percent confirmation rate, the doctor agrees but asks what about the .1 percent, she might be right that the kit shows the true results but in her case it also proved wrong, when Preeta first walked into her office she was doubtful and this is why she had multiple tests done to confirm it and now knows for sure that Preeta is not pregnant, Preeta explains that there might be a mistake, as even the Dai maa confirmed that she was pregnant in front of the entire family, the doctor asks why is she not believing her when she herself is a reputed physiotherapist, so how can the Dai maa be clear she has twins, Preeta once again explains that she tested it and the Dai maa is also known for her confirmation. Preeta requests they have the tests redone, the doctor says that she is sure as she has had the tests done in her personal supervision and there is not any mistake, Preeta in a state of confusion takes the reports when the doctor explains there is something else, the tests have proven she cannot be a mother ever again as she is fertile enough, Preeta walks out of the office thinking of how Dadi and Mahesh papa were happy that she has given them the most beautiful gift, Preeta is not able to bear the news, she going in the waiting area starts crying thinking how even Sarla was really happy, Karan also got excited thinking he would now be a father.

Preeta picks up the reports thinking that the doctor said she cannot be a mother and is also not pregnant, Preeta leaves the hospital while crying but leaves the reports in the waiting area.

Karina is walking in the house, Sherlin comes asking where are her bags, Sherlin comes explaining they are her bags while Ganesh is bringing the bags of Dadi, she asks for Preeta when Karan also comes, he asks Sherlin where is Preeta when she replies that Preeta was about to come with him, Karina also questions him where is Preeta, he mentions that he called the hospital but they said she has left so he thought she would be coming back home.

Karan is walking when Kritika comes out with the bags and is really excited, he asks why are their so many bags, she explains they have the necessities of a girl which he would not understand, Sameer also comes saying the same thing when Karan asks him to apologize to her, he then leaves saying they really have a lot of belongings, she asks Sameer to bring the bags taking only single bag.

Karan going to the room calls Sonakshi who asks if the entire family is coming, he assures they all are coming and she would have to welcome them with full honours, she agrees asking him to greet everyone especially Rakhi and Preeta explaining they both really look good together, he wishes that even she look good with her husband, she says he can call her if he doesnot find the location of the resort, he asks her to end the call as he needs to pack. Karan once again tries calling Preeta but her mobile is out of reach.

Preeta in a state of confusion and nervousness enters the house, Kritika is excited to see her so she greeting Preeta leaves saying she will sit beside her in the bus, Karina also seeing Preeta greets her advising she should go and help karan, Preeta sits on the sofa, she gets a call from Rakhi who is really excited and asks her to come into the room, Preeta wipes off her tears before walking to the room.

Rakhi is really excited to see Preeta, she asks her to come and sit before mentioning how she changed the setting of the room and even ordered a cot, she replies she is really excited for the new child who is about to come to their family, she cannot believe the happiness that would come when he is born as everything that is in the room would be dispersed, so the new-born would also be like karan, she replies karan was also the same when he was young, she used to get irritated but in secret was also really happy, Rakhi explains that he even once made a moustache on her face, she did not know what to do, she mentions that she told Mahesh the child would be like karan but will also be like Preeta just as Preeta and for which she cannot wait that the new child comes to their family and she loves the child a lot, Rakhi hugging Preeta explains that she is really happy, Karina also comes with Kritika asking what are they doing here since everyone is waiting for them, Kritika asks why are they crying, Rakhi replies they are off happiness, when Karina explains she must give the room some break as she would have to spend a lot of time here afterwards, she takes Rakhi out while Preeta starts crying.

Sherlin is standing when prithvi calls her, she warns him to never call her but he explains that he only did it all for her sake as if she had done something wrong then would be in a lot trouble, she informs their relation has ended when he got married to Kritika while the rest was ended when she lost her child as if there is no child then not any relation, she ends the call and is shocked to see Preeta and Sameer but she leaves, Sameer asks Preeta to come noticing something is wrong but she assures there is nothing wrong.

Prithvi thinks why Sherlin has ended it just like that, he feels that it cannot happen because he knows Sherlin gets mad when she is angry so he would let her give some time.

Ganesh asks Sherlin to go as everyone is in the bus, Preeta also comes but standing by the bus thinks she would reveal the truth as they would even find it some today, she cannot keep such a big secret to herself karan leans out calling her, he is tensed seeing her crying so goes to her, she immediately hugs him, the entire family is really happy seeing them and they come out asking what happened, karan questions why Preeta is crying, Rakhi replies it might be because she went alone to the hospital and is suffering from mode swings as it is common in pregnancy, karan replies she send him to the practice, and he would not have left her if they had advised him, Mahesh asks him to not look at him since Rakhi knew about it, she explains she got busy working for lonavla so forgot about it, karan assures she would not be alone as he will always be with her, Preeta assures she was not crying, Kritika asks if something went in her eyes, she agrees but once again starts crying.

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