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Scene 1
Kuldeep asks Rishi do you like Harsh? He nods. Kuldeep says more than papa? Say the truth. Rishi says the truth? He says I like Harsh more than you because he cares for me more than you, he is there for me, he’s my friend. You are selfish but Harsh, he plays with me. Understands me. He is aai’s friend too. You make her cry and he makes her smile. I can call Harsh anything but you are so far that you can’t hear us. Harsh knows what makes me happy or sad. But for you Samaira aunty and your life are important. That’s why you live with her not us. She’s your life and in our life, there is aai and Harsh. Samaira says one last question. Kuldeep says enough Samaira. You got the answer and so did I. Let’s go.

Scene 2
Harsh comes to meet Narain Madhura. He says this wedding is fake but the intentions behind it are real. Narain says whatever is in your heart, let it out. Harsh says I came here to assure you that I will be Shubhra’s friend. I don’t drown in emotions. The relation I have with you both, Shubhra and the kids is my precious. It will stay a friendship. Narain says stand up. Madhura says what are you doing? Narain hugs him. He says we elders think we are wise only but sometimes younger people are wiser. Thank you for opening our perspective. Friendship is above everything. Thank you.

Scene 3
Samaira and Kuldeep come home. Phirki plays banu tera swagger. she throws petals on them and dances. Kuldeep stops the music. She says it’s time to sing and dance. Kuldeep says shut up. Samaira says I will call you jeja ji now. He says shut up. she steals his shoes and says your shoes are stolen jeja ji. Give naig and take them. Kuldeep is angry and says don’t annoy me. Phirki says I am not joking. Samaira gives her money and says go from here. She says thank you didi. She says see jeja ji, how good is my didi. Kuldeep says shut up and get out. Samaira says calm down Kuldeep. Please sit. He says enough. I can’t sit and stand on your orders. I am not your toy. He recalls what Rishi said. Phirki asks what happened to him?

Kuldeep says get out of here. And you Samaira, because of you my son left me, showed me my worth. I lost him forever. In Rishi’s life harsh can take my place. But in my life, his place will always be empty. You don’t know how much hurt I am. Samaira says I understand. Please sit and talk. Samaira says you are sad because you lost the kids right? I will hire the best lawyer and get you custody of the kids. Let us get married. He says you and your disgusting ideas. They are kids, not property. Custody can’t make you theirs. Taking them away from their mom is a sin. You won’t understand. You don’t deserve to be a mother. Your priority is only yourself. You are selfish. You want a puppet in a life partner. She says can’t we be demanding in life? He says you have to be giving as well. Only Shubhra deserves to have custody of the kids. Samaira says you like her so much? He says you can think whatever you want. I don’t care. I won’t bow down to your threats now. He shoves her.

Scene 4
Shubhra tells a story to the kids. Chandrani comes and sits down, she says I am sorry kids on my son’s behalf. Every dadi wants her grandkids to be like her son. But I am glad you both are like your mom instead. She says Shubhra is the best mom. Be like her. Make everyone proud. The kids hug her. Shubhra hugs her too. Rishi says Harsh is very nice but he isn’t my papa. In our family, it was dadi, papa, roli, aii and me. But papa left and our family is broken. I want my papa. Roli says I also want my papa. Rishi says I want papa back in the house aai.

Scene 5
Kuldeep recalls what Rishi said. Samaira brings him food. He says go away from me. Samaira says why are you so angry? Talk to me. She locks the door. Samaira says you have to talk to me. If you don’t, I will give my life. Kuldeep says why would you? I will give my life. She says what are you saying? He says this isn’t the first time. I tried to give my life in the resort too. You were the reason that day too and today as well. An angel saved me that day but that won’t happen again. Stop controlling me. Don’t even dare to hurt my kids and family. I will die but kill you first. Always remember that. Phirki is scared. Kuldeep tries to go. Samaira hugs him and says will you leave me? Kuldeep says in heart I have tolerated her for long. Need to do it for a few days to make Shubhra succeed. Kuldeep says I won’t leave you. He goes to sleep. Samaira says I have to tie him in this knot soon.

Kuldeep wakes up. There are people in the room. They say good morning. Kuldeep looks around. He recalls what happened last night. Kuldeep says is it the wedding day? He sees the date. He asks what’s happening? There is media outside and the whole house is decorated. Kuldeep says what is all this?

Episode ends.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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