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Scene 1
Samaira says money and power I have it all. Who can break us now. Kuldeep says your pride will become your failure. Samaira says Shubhra will be sad and I will be happy. Kuldeep says you don’t deserve any happiness. Samaira says he’s mine for 7 lives. Kuldeep says I won’t be yours for even 7 minutes. They complete the rounds. Samaira notices Kuldeep is smiling towards the reports. Harsh hides. They sit down. Pandit ji gives him sindur. Kuldeep fills her hairline. Phirki brings mangalsutra. She says my jeja ji will be Kuldeep now. There are two mangalsutras. Samaira says one for Kuldeep. The reporter wow a husband who will wear mangalsutra for the wife? Very impressive. They clap. Samaira and Kuldeep make each other wear mangalsutras. The reporter says men like him can change lives. Pandit ji says the wedding is over and you both are married now.

Samaira says the marriage is completed as per rituals. But legally we have to register it. I have called Mr. Pathak to do it right now as well. The lawyer takes their signatures. Samaira signs the papers. Kuldeep is worried. Samaira says Kuldeep sign it. Kuldeep is about to sign the papers. Shubhra comes there with her family and says Mr. Kuldeep even if you sign, you will have to be sentenced. They are shocked. Samaira says wow? What a surprise. I surprised him with this wedding and you surprised me. Welcome to the wedding to Mr. Kuldeep Chadha and Mrs. Samaira Kuldeep Chadha. He wanted two witnesses. His ex-wife si here and so is her husband-to-be. Mama no. 1 to be a witness for papa no. 1 and papa no. 2 witnesses for mama no. 2. Come meet my husband and your ex. Mr. Kuldeep Samaira Chadha. I have changed the traditions.

Shubhra says you’re really interested in changing the traditions right? Media is here too and you are jumping like a frog. But frogs can only go a foot only. NOw you see, the cameras you invited, what news will they publish tomorrow. The two mangalsutras or.. She says Mrs. registrar, did you before registering their wedding if Mr. Kuldeep’s first marriage is legally invalid or not? Does he have a decree to divorce? For your kind information, we only signed the papers but they were never submitted in court. Legally, Mr. Kuldeep is still my husband. If he marries, he will be convicted and so will be Miss Samaira. This wedding is illegal. Right, Mr. registrar? Samaira says Mr. Pathak I have the divorce papers. They both signed it. She asks Phirki to bring it.

Samaira gets a panic attack. Samaira says they both signed the papers and Kuldeep married me with his consent. Kuldeep says yes, I signed divorce papers two weeks ago but I haven’t been with Shubhra for two years. There’s no relationship like husband and wife between us. See the papers. Phirki gives him the papers. Mr. Pathak says these papers are signed but these weren’t submitted in court. You don’t know about divorce procedures? Samaira says if because of their divorce papers our marriage isn’t valid then how is this Shubhra, wife of Mr. Kuldeep Chadha, how can she marry Harsh? Her wedding would be illegal too. Kuldeep says yes. Chandrani sings a witch who fell in her own trap. Shubhra says Harsh and I were not marrying. It was just a drama. I am so happy I made you believe it. And you fell into my trap. Samaira says to Kuldeep I told you this Shubhra is lying. You didn’t listen to me. I knew she won’t marry Harsh. SHe’s a liar. Her wedding is a liar. Shubhra says for now, you’re liar and so is your wedding.

Shubhra says Mr. registrar Samaira is in such a hurry always she doesn’t get the procedures. I will explain. These papers go to jail, the judge gives a date, consent is asked for both of them, 6 months are given and counseling is done as well. Even after that, both parties don’t want to be together, the divorce decree is issued and that’s when divorce happens. Pathak says she’s right. I can’t register this marriage. Samaira is angry. He leaves. Shubhra says how did you like the present? Samaira says I have the divorce papers. I will go to the court and get the decree tomorrow. She says Chadha, we got married today. We will celebrate the anniversary on this date. Registration would be in few days. Do you get it? He says yes. He says we will celebrate two divorces. For today and one after legal divorce. This Shubhra is jealous of you. That’s why she’s creating legal problems. The divorce would be done. The marriage is done. I was yours when I met you two years ago. Shubhra says you both can’t sleep from tonight.

Samaira says you don’t know Shubhra who are you messing with. The game you started, I will end it. I will make you cry blood. Better end it or it won’t be good for you. Shubhra says sorry Samaira, you had been playing the game and I kept tolerating. Let me play too now. It feels good to see you cry. We’ll both play. Let’s see who wins. Samaira says okay I won’t stop this game now. Shubhra says it’s my game and condition. You want me to say yes for divorce in court right? Then you will fulfill all my conditions. Samaira asks what conditions? Shubhra says I will tell you slowly. Don’t drink hot coffee in one sip. I will keep telling you my conditions one by one. Keep fulfilling them and once they are all done I will say yes in the court. Shubhra leaves. Samaira shouts at the media and says get out all of you. Shubhra says there will be a story because media wants drama and they got it.

Scene 2
The kids come home running. Chandrani does their arti. They hug Shubhra. Shubhra says before you came I got your favorite ice cream flavors. They hug her. Rishi says aai is a superwoman. Chandrani says she is. Let’s enjoy ice cream.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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