Lauki In English Loki in english Bottle gourd recipes

Lauki In English:

Let us know to learn lauki in English how to make the lauki or bottle gourd barfi. Which is very famous in India. Lauki (bottle gourd) barfi is the same as the lauki halwa.

To make this barfi we won’t use khoya but also it will be very tasty to eat.


Lauki (bottle gourd)


Milk powder

Sugar or  Sugar powder


Pure Ghee

cardamom powder


Dry fruits.

Loki in English:

How To Make:

To make this barfi use one (1) kg of fresh lauki or bottle gourd or (kaddu) which is washed.

If you want to make more barfi you can use more lauki. So first we should pee the lauki before peeling the lauki cut the edges of it with help of knife.

bottle guard:

Then start the peeling of lauki. After completion of that then cut the lauki into pieces. Remove the soft part of it which is present inside of the lauki.

lauki ka halwa:

Take the pieces of the lauki and crush it with help of crusher. To remove the extra water present in the crushed lauki. Take a cotton cloth and keep the crushed lauki in it and press to remove the water.

We should remove the water from it. Because it will take less time to make barfi. So the lauki will become dry and keep it aside.


Take the Kadai and add 2 to 3 tablespoon of pure ghee. Add the lauki in it to fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Otherwise, you can close the Kadai with its lid and leave for 2 to 3 minutes to fry.

After completion of 2 to 3 minutes, the kaddu (bottle gourd) will be fry. Then add one cup of milk to boil this we should never use the water. 

bottle gourd recipes:

Continue the boiling for again 3 minutes till the milk gets completely observed in it and lauki will boil completely. Add the sugar in it according to your taste mix it thoroughly. You can use sugar powder also.

loki ki recipe:

When the sugar gets melt completely then you can add some dry fruits in it. It is optional. Add one tablespoon of cardamom powder and mix it well. If you have the khoya then add it’s upon your choice.

To store this for a long time add coconut powder in it. By this,we can store this recipe for about one month. So that it will not get spoiled. Add 100gm of milk powder or khoya according to your taste.lauki in English

how to make lauki:

Add one tablespoon of green food color in it. It is optional or u can use it without food color also it will be nice. Add one tablespoon of ghee to dry the mixture. So that the lauki dough will be get separated from the Kadai. Now the dough has become thick to make the barfi.

recipe of lauki ka halwa

After it becomes thick switch off the flame Take the tray to apply the ghee with the help of a brush so that the barfi batter will be set perfectly. Put the barfi dough in the tray and spread to the corners with the help of a spatula.

To Make the medium size of the barfi.  By applying the ghee barfi will be removed from the tray easily. Finally garnish the lauki barfi tray by using dry fruits like Kaju, Badham, Pista, so that the children and elders get attracted to eat the barfi.

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