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Leftover chapati cutlet

Hi, friends today I’m going to share a recipe with Leftover chapati cutlet You know this you can make it with your leftover chapati usually in our house. So whenever the chapatis are leftover I try to make different kinds of variations. Today I’m going to show you another variation with this chapati that is leftover chapati and we are going to make it cutlets.


some oats


some chopped coriander

chili powder

fresh garlic

chopped green chilies some

some finely chopped onions

chat masala some

some arm tooth powder


an egg


some oil


STEP 1: Leftover chapati cutlet

You go to add some oats and you go to just shallow fry. A little bit and have this healthy cutlet so different. Let’s start how to make it as I told you we need chapati which is ready. And what you go to do is instead of you know finely chopping or finely you know tearing it.


You can just put it in a blender and just blend it a little bit not too fine powder little bit coarse powder. But if-else here you can our chapati you have ground it nicely not fine just course. If you want you can finally also grind it. But you want little bit pieces in between transfer this into a bowl.


And now you can add ingredients you want to add vegetables you can add vegetables. If you want potato you can add potatoes. But today you add some freshly chopped coriander, chili powder for peskiness fresh garlic, and some finely chopped green chilies, some finely chopped onions. If you want a lot of it you can add a lot of it.

STEP 4: Leftover chapati cutlet

 Some chat masala, and also some arm tooth powder, you go to add salt dear friends if you are adding salt in the chapati be careful don’t add too much salt in your mixture. Now you go to mix this nicely and where are the binding to make our cutlets. This is totally dry and this mixture just had some vegetables or even sprouts. And you can have this as a salad and in this, you go to add some oats you know why you adding oats because you need some binding. So you go to add some oats just sprinkle little with water not too much.


You need just the binding that’s it and you go to make it dumpling and you to make our cutlets. Now the difference here you have mixed it. If you want you can add a little more water no problem. And you can make a nice dumpling and now just press it in your palms like this you could make a nice shape.

STEP 6: Leftover chapati cutlet

Also, you go to show it to you two ways like this you can directly shallow fry it. Or you go to make a small slurry or if you want you can take an egg mixture dip these tikes or cutlet into the egg mixture. And just coat with breadcrumbs and then shallow fry okay chapati cutlets are ready. To shallow fry so here you have the all-purpose flour and the bread crumbs this is optional if you want additional work then you can make it.


Like this or otherwise just directly also you can shallow fry it. First, you go to add some oil for shallow frying you can add more or you know even less also so but today you just using two to three teaspoons of oil. Now you go to put this in the oven these are without slurry and now you go to put this cutlet. In this, you all know how to make this all-purpose flour slurry. You know just add a little bit of Seasoning, and add some water and dip this and coat it.

STEP 8: Leftover chapati cutlet

With the bread crumbs just put it in the pan now you go to shallow fry this till you get a nice golden color both the sides in a medium flame. Because already our chapati is cooked so you need not to cook too much. But still, if you need a good color then you need to cook it in slow flame. Here you quoted a couple of them of you have not coated turn it to the other side.


The chapati is blinded with the oats and your friends no one will know that you have made an excellent snack. Cutlets are done and this cutlet our chapati cutlets and switch off.  Just transfers onto a paper plate or you know if you are deep-frying you can just transfer it.

STEP 10: Leftover chapati cutlet

These are not breaking also because our binding is perfect this is ready. good results of your cutlets add a good amount of onions and a nice amount of chillis or you know chili powder and coriander and you can get excellent cutlets

STEP 11:

outside nice thick coating and inside. It’s nice and soft try this is a very simple and excellent dish your family or your friends everybody will love

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