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Manchurian recipe:

Hi friends today I am going to share a Manchurian recipe. I have you try that. That’s a very very simple Manchurian dish.


1 tablespoon maida

some ginger-garlic paste

very little of salt

some corn starch

2 tablespoon of corn starch



STEP 1:Manchurian recipe

So today to make this Manchuria, not the regular Manchuria but today this Manchuria we are going to make it with soya nuggets. So what I did is here you have the soya put it in a little bit of hot water and soak it for 10 minutes that’s it.


After that, once you soak it. You can just squeeze out the water see not too much little bit you can just squeeze out. The water and you can put it in a bowl in this you are to add some maida that is all-purpose flour just 1 tablespoon.


And some ginger-garlic paste, very little of salt, and some corn starch. You can just add 2 tablespoons of corn starch. And now mix this nicely and this you are to deep fry.

STEP 4:Manchurian recipe

Make our Manchurian and that too soya one julienne since here you have nicely mixed it. You know sold this soya so you have a lot of moisture in it so don’t even add any moisture. Without moisture itself, you can our all-purpose flour. And corn star has nicely stuck to your soya and now you are to deep fry.


This so just add it in oil you can add a couple of them and you are to deep fry. This won’t take much time just a little bit that’s it since you can our soya nuggets have nicely deep-fried and now this is ready.

STEP 6:Manchurian recipe

you can just switch off the flame nice little bit crispy outside and inside you will have a nice soft texture and crisps and now you are to make our sauce for our Manchuria so just take it path and you are to make it.


Says whenever you make Chinese style you can always first add the ingredients in One bowl mix it. And then you pour it in your pan so take some vinegar soya sauce depending upon you know how much quantity.


soya sauce


a little bit of sugar

some chili paste

very little of the water

some oil

some ginger-garlic

little bit oily but taste


very little of salt

some green chilies

red chili paste

chopped coriander and



You are using based on that you can use your soya sauce and vinegar, and some msg, and a little bit of sugar, some chili paste you can add very little of water and mix this and this is ready.

STEP 9:Manchurian recipe

To make a Manchurian and now in this pan, you are to add some oil you know Manchurian you always know deep fry then put it in oil. And some ginger-garlic this will be a little bit oily but tasty.

STEP 10:

Is excellent once the oil is hot to add some ginger and garlic fresh finely chopped ginger and some finely chopped garlic just sort a little bit and then you are going to add onions, very little of salt not too much.

STEP 11:Manchurian recipe

Whenever you are making Chinese style always be careful because soya sauce has salt and also you added msg. Add some green chilies also and you are to saute this for a minute. Then you are to add a slurry since here you can see the onions are slightly colored and now you are to add the mixture of this sauces just mix it a little bit

STEP 12:

And now you are to add the fried soya so just add it mix it little bit our nice soya Manchurian is ready.  This will become a little bit soft and switch off the flame you can just rest it .to taste initially when you remove from the oil these were nice and a little bit crispy but now when you added in this sauce.

STEP 13:Manchurian recipe

This has become nice and soft super really super you need to make this dish. This is very tasty it was a little bit hot and nice spiciness because we add a lot of green chilies.

STEP 14:

And also I added a lot of red chili paste so if this is nice and spicy but the excellent taste and dear friends this is very fast to make it instead of boiling all the vegetables and making its Manchuria.

STEP 15:Manchurian recipe

This is a simple way to make very fast Manchurian in the last you can sprinkle a little bit of chopped coriander and that’s it. I am loving this so much with a little bit of green chili and some sauce super I hope you enjoyed this very very simple recipe.

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