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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi walks in Deshmukh house and asks Amruta what happened where is Mandar, Mansi says Mandar has locked himself and isn’t opening door since long Kaka is trying but he isnt listening.
Vijay asking Mandar to come out, Pallavi says let me try, and starts calling Mandar and asks where is Vishnu, Vishnu comes from behind and says I am here.

Jaya says to Raghav don’t worry it must be urgent so Pallavi left, Kirti says what urgent, we are all here right and all this for her and she left because she doesn’t value us, Sunny says Kirti is right, you defend Pallavi because you like her, and those people can her then ask her to stay too,Raghav gets angry at Sunny and drags him and throws him and says keep your nonsense to yourself, another word against my wife you will never be able to talk, get out, Kirti says these questions whole world will ask tomorrow and what when she will go back to her ex-husband, Raghav leaves, Sunny hugs Kirti for supporting her in front of Jaya

Ramya comes to Deshmukh house and says Pallavi you left him alone here so he is upset, Vishnu told me how Raghav behaved, he doesn’t remember anyone here and he won’t be able to adjust here without you and if you can’t stay here with you, you shouldn’t get him here, Mandar opens door and calls Ramya inside.

Ramya talks to Mandar and calls everyone inside and then says Pallavi wont leave you alone she will stay here with you, right Pallavi, Pallavi says yes I will, Vijay asks Pallavi to get Mandar food, Sulochana says I will help Pallavi, Ramya asks Pallavi to sit beside Mandar on dining table and asks him to eat food, Mandar says I don’t want to eat food, Mandar says I don’t want to stay here, Vijay says I can’t bare this pain of again Mandar, I have lost you once not again, Pallavi says these all love you and if you don’t try we can’t help, Mandar asks will you help me, Pallavi says I will do whatever I can, now have food, Mandar says I am not hungry, Ramya says Pallavi will feed you, I am sure you won’t say no to her, Sulochana says she won’t and gives plate to Pallavi.

Pallavi thinks of Mandar’s delicate situation and about to feed him, Raghav walks in, Pallavi drops plate, Vijay walks to Raghav and says this is my house and not a garden that you keep coming whenever you want, Raghav says if this was a garden still I won’t prefer coming, I am here for my wife don’t annoy me I am not in mood to argue,Mandar walks to Raghav and says show respect he is my father, Raghav says are DNS results out, Mandar says can’t you think of anything else and so tomorrow will do test and show the answer in your face and once reports are out I will get my wife here and Pallavi till then no need of coming here, Raghav says first find yourself a home and name and then challenge me, Pallavi holds Raghav’s hand and leaves, Raghav before leaving says she is Pallavi Raghav Rao.

Pallavi tries to talk to Raghav in their room, Raghav upset, Pallavi says scold me, but don’t do this, I got a ca so I had to leave, Raghav says there is no scope of explanation in us and I trust you more then me but problem is Deshmukh family especially those who didn’t accept of marriage and sometimes I feel they will call you back ny taking advantage of your kindness, Pallavi says when did Raghav Rao turn so sorted. Raghav says since the time Pallavi Raghav Rao put our wedding photo their it answers all my questions you can try too and ask Amma said we are in this together and fight together, Pallavi hugs Raghav and says no third person will come between us.

Pallavi says to Raghav, I realised today after Mandar is back in Deshmukh house I realised just him being there was not enough this has increased my responsibility and insecurity in our relationship, Raghav says I know, there will be anger, insecurity and fight, and simple rule is day over the fight finishes too, Pallavi says done and says I Love you, Raghav hugs her.

Ramya taking Mandar’s DNA, Vijay says Mandar I don’t want you to do this ,Raghav is a goon we don’t want to listen to him, Mandar says Baba someone people want a proof and with that proof I will get my wife Pallavi back, Sulochana smiles. Ramya says we will require three days for report and take care of yourself and your family.
Ramya leaves, Mandar walks to calendar and says on this day I wiol close Raghav’s mouth forever.

Pallavi takes update from Amruta, Pallavi tells about it to Raghav, Raghav thinking about Mandar’s word of taking Pallavi away.
Pallavi at shop thinking about situation pricks her hand, Raghav disturbed at work leaves a meeting.
Mandar starts counting days.
Pallavi disturbed burns her hand in kitchen, Raghav takes care of it.
Mandar says it’s day 3 and finally my report will be tomorrow and then all my things I can rightly own.

Pre cap: Pallavi says Raghav you cared so much about me, no one days, Raghav says and no one loves me the way you do, for me defination of love is Pallavi. Pallavi kisses Raghav’s forehead.
Mandar challenge’s Raghav says Pallavi will be here with me in next 7 days.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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