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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar says to Pallavi, memories fade but not their effect, like few relations, Pallavi gets awkward, Mandar says sorry I didn’t intend to, Pallavi says its okay. Mandar asks can I help, Pallavi says cut those banana’s.
Sulochana walks in and says so happy to see you two like this, Mandar asks for knife, Sulochana leaves and says you two talk.

Pallavi gets Sheera, Pandit asks Mandar is he married, Mandar says yes, Pandit says you should attend pooja with your wife then, Sulochana says why not, Pallavi join him come, Pallavi sits beside Raghav, Mandar shocked, Pallavi says begin with pooja I am with my husband, Mandar was my first husband, Raghav is my husband now.

Raghav on call with client, he sees Mandar behind him, Mandar walks to him and says why did you come without invitation is it habit, Raghav says its my love for my wife, we are like the watch hands always together, and I know what you are upto, Mandar says Baba arranged this Pooja not me, Raghav laughs and says I have all your information from your blood bank colleague and won’t let you achieve what you want, Mandar asks what do you mean, Raghav says this drama of being innocent, I can see your real face from the cracks, you want Pallavi right but listen to me she is my wife and will return here, she is daughter and not daughter in law to this house.

Mandar says to Raghav I came here with a offer of friendship but look at your insecurity and so no more friendship, Mandar sees Pallavi and says Raghav I will keep this Sheera and Pallavi, Mandar tastes Sheera and says yummy and yes time took things away will also give it back, no body thought Pallavi could come here for Pooja and in 7 days Pallavi will turn against you and with me, and all your talks won’t matter.

Pallavi sees Raghav and Mandar and walks to them and asks all good, Raghav says yes all good. Mandar says Sheera is very tasty, Milind and Sharda arrive and in shock. Pallavi says Mandar she is your… Mandar walks to Sharda, and says Aai and Kaka, and says I don’t remember anything but Pallavi showed me your photos, Mandar takes Sharda’s blessings, Sharda confused and in shock, and starts crying, Pallavi says let’s go in Aai.

Milind hugs Mandar and says Amruta called me and told about you, I now believe in miracles and now you are here soon will be your memory, Mandar says I am si unlucky I have such Loving family but don’t remember anything, Sulochana says don’t worry we even had Pooja today, all will be good, and Pallavi is here to help you too, Raghav says Pallavi lets go home its late. Sulochana says Vijay Dada, Mandar was so happy today so lets ask Pallavi to stay for dinner, and Milind and Sharda are back too, so Mandar will be very happy, Sharda walks to Pallavi and says she doesn’t need to stay here, she had done her work here, she should leave now, Vijay says its her house too, Sharda says only until you threw her out of it. Sharda says Pallavi you two leave, your family must be waiting. Mandar says Pallavi give me your number, Pallavi asks why, Mandar says emergency, Pallavi says okay and gives number, Raghav holds Pallavi’s hand and leaves.

Sunny says to Kirti to have court marriage, Kirti says are you mad, I can’t marry without Amma’s blessings, I don’t care about Raghav and Pallavi, Sunny says oh you can have an affair but not marry, Kirti says I am not denying but, Sunny says I don’t see any option, Kirti says we need 30 days prior notice for court marriage, you give that notice I will talk to Amma, Ved walks in and says sorry I heard you talk but we don’t need to wait for 30 days I know few people how will get it done quickly, also Kirti 30 days is huge risk in your case.

Raghav in his study, Pallavi walks to him with food and says blue will look good in thos design, take a woman’s idea it will be better, Raghav says okay let me hire you as design incharge, Pallavi says you can’t afford me, Raghav says okay what is your compensation, I will fulfill all your demands, Pallavi says is it, Raghav says 100%, and runs his fingers through her hair, and leans towards her to kiss her, Pallavi looks at him and smiles.

Pre cap:Raghav asks Pallavi, Mandar loved you a lot right, Pallavi says yes, Raghav says what if he remembers about it?
Raghav yells at Mandar for taking Pallavi out, Mandar says today it was just bangles tomorrow it will be Mangalsutra and soon like this I will throw you out of her life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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