Methi Fenugreek in Hindi Kasuri methi

Methi Benefits

Hi, friends today we will discuss the methi or fenugreek seeds benefits for health. These are available as seeds and leaves. You can eat this in many forms like sprouts, fenugreek seeds powder, Leaves.

 But, today let us know which is the best way of eating the fenugreek seeds/methi leaves, and also it is timing to eat.

 Fenugreek seeds/methi is beneficial for both male and female.


Fenugreek seeds are excellent for people with Vata and Kapha, constitution, or Prakriti. The seeds are hot and people with such Prakriti need additional fire in the body to boost health.

Vata Symptoms:

Dryness of skin, hair, ear, lips, joints.

Gas constipation, dehydration, weight loss.

Dizziness, feeling ungrounded.

People who are suffering from the pit problem avoid the fenugreek seeds/methi leaves.

Nutritional Facts:

1tsp of methi seeds/fenugreek seeds contains the following nutritional facts such as:

Calories – 35.

Carbs -6 gm.

Fiber – 3gm.

Protein – 3gm.

Fat – 1gm.

Iron – 20% DV.

Manganese – 7%DV.

Copper -6%DV.

Magnesium -5%DV.

B group vit, zinc, potassium, selenium, folate, phosphorus Isolewcine (Amino acid).

Choline, Inositol, biotin.

The consistency has the same as the substance present in aloe vera, flack seeds, etc.

soaking fenugreek seeds in water. It becomes slimy or like a gel which is very beneficial for health.

The fiber contains helps in the growth of good bacterial in the body.

Methi / Fenugreek Benefits in Weight loss:

It is high in antioxidants.

Regulate the appetite.

Boost the fact of metabolism.

Improve exercise performance.

Control appetite by 17%.

Helps in to control blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Suppress hunger.

Improve digestion.

Enhance the fat burning process. 

For diabetics patients, doctors suggest consuming methi or fenugreek daily. To inhibit the cholesterol level and triglycerides. It is good for hypertension patients.

Other Health Benefits Of Methi:

Control diabetes, blood sugar levels.

Lower bad cholesterol.

Anti Inflammatory.

Cure digestive disorder.

Boost Immunity.

Absorb & remove toxins from the body.

Improve kindly health.

Boost brain function.

Prevent gall & kindly stone.

Treat Asthma, Cold, Cough.

Protect never the system.

Treat joint pain.

Cure Insomnia.

Good for Skin.

Helps in hair growth.

The person who is suffering from problems such as running nose, sinus, cough, Asthma, Cold is very beneficial by consuming the methi.

Face Pack:

It is used as a face pack. As it reduces skin problems especially the people who are having acne on their faces.

For hair fall:

 Methi helps in reducing the hair fall problem it helps in reducing the Insomnia problem.

In Ayurvedic fenugreek seeds are used as pain medicine.

Magical pain Medicine Methi:

Use in Back, joint ache.

Use if feeling fatigue, tiredness.

Burn seeds in coconut, ghee, mustard, or sesame seeds with garlic & apply on the painful area.

Apply the paste on cuts & bytes.

Fenugreek/methi contains electromagnetic power. which observes the pain. It attracts the toxins toward it and removes it from the body.

Benefits for male:

Increase libido, Boots testosterone Increase sperm count, Improve sexual function.

Benefits for women:

Balance estrogen levels.

Treat PCOD & PCOS(reduce ovarian volume &cyst).

Increase Fertility.

Regulate periods.

Breast augmentation.

Increase milk production.

Reduce menopause symptoms.

Treat UTI.

Treat uterus displacement.

Good post C section.

Reduce PMS Symptoms.

High in magnesium, chlorine.

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