Methi laccha paratha fenugreek leaves methi in english

Methi laccha paratha:

Hi, friends today I am going to share the recipe of Methi paratha. Many Children’s didn’t like the Methi to eat. For those children’s this is the best recipe of Methi laccha paratha. You can give this Methi laccha paratha in their lunch box. It is so very easy to make and tasty.

So, let’s start the recipe of Methi laccha paratha. Before going to start the recipe. Let us known the ingredients. which are needed for making this Methi laccha paratha recipe?


Wheat flour 3 cups

Methi leaves (fenugreek leaves) 1 cup

Ajwain seeds (carom seeds) 1 tsp

Salt for taste

Oil or ghee

How to make: fenugreek leaves,

STEP 1: methi leaves

For making this recipe of Methi laccha paratha. Wash the Methi leaves with water and keep aside.

STEP 2: methi laccha paratha

First, take a bowl and add the wheat flour in it to prepare the dough. In that add the Ajwain seeds, 1 tsp of salt, 2 tsp of oil or ghee is added.

Mix all the ingredients in it wheat flour. After mixing these in that add the washed fenugreek or Methi leaves.

STEP 3: methi recipes

 Note that the Methi and fenugreek leaves are should be cut into very small thin pieces or it should be chopped.

Methi leaves or fenugreek leaves, oil, salt, and Ajwain seeds should be mixed perfectly with your hands or with a spoon.

Now all these ingredients are mixed perfectly. Add required amt of water and knead it to chapati dough.

STEP 4: Kasuri methi

Make the dough the same as the chapati. After that add the oil or ghee in it and mix it. The dough is ready to make the chapati.

Take a small portion of prepare dough and roll into a ball shape with the help of hands. Dust it with the little flour and press it. Roll it to make the chapati by keeping it on the girda.

Apply little flour again and roll it for chapati. Now the chapati has been ready, add the oil or ghee on side of the chapati.

STEP 5: fenugreek in hindi

The side to which we applied the oil sprinkle the wheat flour on it. The wheat flour should be perfect sprinkled on the chapati.

Pleat the chapati like a paper fan. Apply little oil or ghee and dry wheat flour again. Roll the pleated dough in a tight circle, join the edges keep it aside.

STEP 6: methi 

Repeat the same process for the remaining dough. Now start the making of paratha. To make paratha take one dough and dip it in the dry wheat flour. Start the rolling again for the prepared dough.

Don’t roll the dough by applying enough weight. Because the layers of the paratha will get disappear.

STEP 7: benefits of fenugreek

Make another paratha by repeating the same process.

Now take a pan and put it on the flame for cooking the paratha. When the pan gets heat transfer the paratha on the pan.

Apply the ghee or oil on the Methi paratha. Remember that applying oil or ghee on the paratha makes it very tasty and the layer will appear.

STEP 8: methi laccha paratha

Apply the oil on the other side also. Cook the Methi paratha or fenugreek paratha on both sides properly.

When the paratha gets cool the layer will get separated. Repeat the same process for the remaining paratha. Put the flame on medium size when you are applying the oil or ghee on it.

Now our paratha is ready. Remove the paratha from the pan and transfer it on the plate. It is ready to serve you eat this paratha with curd or pickle.  

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