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Milkmaid recipe:

There’s nothing like a scoop of good old-fashioned traditional vanilla ice cream. Especially when it’s a homemade milkmaid or condensed milk recipe. So junk your grocery store and start making this wonderfully simple delicious recipe at home for this we need the ingredients such as


Half a tin of milkmaid one

Milk half cups

half cups of cream

A teaspoon of vanilla essence


Step 1: milkmaid

You need half a tin of milkmaid one, and a half cups of milk one and a half cups of cream, and a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

 To start with we’re going to whip the cream till it’s nice and fluffy in a bowl. The cream is light and fluffy and soft peaks have begun to form.

Step 2:milkmaid recipes

 Moving on to our next step:

We will mix the milkmaid, milk, and vanilla essence together. There’s always something lovely about vanilla especially. When you’ve added milkmaid there is no need for extra sugar it.

Step 3:condensed milk

 Adds that right amount of sweetness this has been mixed. Well going to fold in the cream giving it a gentle stir it smells delicious. This vanilla ice cream will be to die for and it’s ready.

Step 4:milk sweets

 Pouring this into my mold to cover the mold with some aluminum foil. This delicious ice cream is going straight into the freezer. The vanilla ice cream has been chilling in the freezer for a couple of hours to give it one.

Step 5:nestle milkmaid

Last whisk to ensure that there are no ice crystals stirring this just a little. This ice-cream will be looking good and it’s sunny set just a few more eyes and it will be ready. This is going to go back into the fridge

But I have a batch ready from overnight which is going to come straight out here helping myself to a big scoop here comes the part that I’ve been waiting for perfect homemade vanilla ice cream. You do not go wrong with a recipe like this to enjoy it even more top of it with some chocolate sauce and nuts for a lovely chocolate sauce recipe.

This vanilla ice cream will be and it will look perfect by this process. Do try this recipe in your home and I hope you like this video.

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